A Couple of Fabtastic Felines

Janice has two beautiful cats, one of which I was not all together certain actually existed for a while...

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Little Bit Random - Toilet Talk

I am hoping you all will reassure me that I’m not the only one in the world with neurotic bathroom etiquette.
I understand that there are people who really use use public restrooms.  That is totally fine.  I’ve been that person a time or two myself.  Granted, I always smell like unicorn farts, aka cotton candy and glitter, so…But when I’m not that person and I walk into a smelly restroom I have to fight the impulse to tell anyone that happens to come in after me or that I run into in the hallway as I’m leaving, that it wasn’t me.  I’ll own my own with my head down, eye contact avoiding, rushed exit, but I don’t want to own anyone else’s unicorn farts.

Does that make me crazy?

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The Watchdog

Saturday McKinney held a dedication for the latest piece of art erected in the downtown area.  “The Watchdog” was commissioned to “honor the men and women in uniform who watch over us and protect us.”

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Coming This Week - Statues and "Seriousness"

This past weekend Mom went to a statue dedication, so we're going to have a look through her photographs and learn a bit about the artist.

We're also going to have a chat about something that effects us all...I'm trying to be mysterious...But not too mysterious, the photo above is a "cheeky" hint.

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