Joke - S.A.D.

Our buddy Jon is having some new health issues, so we're going to give him the week off...Lazy...Who said that?!?  Seriously, if you will keep Jon and his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers I know that they would appreciate it.

This week I've got a funny video that my friend Carie had up on her Facebook page that made me laugh!  Here is a video from Rogue Kite Productions...

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A Sunny Day and Beautiful Cars

Not only was the weather hot (we are heading into unbearable heat), but so was the Morning Maniacs' Father's Day car show.

And here are just a few of the beauties...

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A Father's Day Feast

My dad's Father's Day didn't exactly start out as planned.  First his plan to enter his corvette in the Morning Maniacs car show fell apart because the battery was completely dead.  My parents' backup plan was to have breakfast at a new breakfast and lunch spot in McKinney, unfortunately apparently there were several other people with the same plan and mom and dad ended up waiting for over 30 minutes.  The food was great, so things were starting to look up, and they got even better that evening.

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Coming This Week - Dads, Dads, and More Dads

This week is all about fathers...

First I'll share the great meal and pre-dinner time in the doggie cabana (I'll explain later) that made up the fathery part of my Father's Day.  I've also got photographs from the Father's Day car show.  So stay tuned for some food, dogs, and old cars!

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Happy Father's Day!

A big thank you to all those wonderful fathers, grandfathers, and other amazing male role models out there for helping to shape us into the people we are today.

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