September's Clever Creation, Part 2

Ok, today's post gets a whole number because it's actually finished!  I've seen variations of this idea all over Pinterest and have always though it was a fun, rather simple, way to make something new with a few plates and candlestick holders.  Most people seem to be using them as cake stands or jewelry holders, but when I saw this for the first time on thing leapt into my head...

"Sponge Dish 1" - McKinney, Texas
Sponge and brush holder by the kitchen sink!

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September's Clever Creation, Part .5

So, I'm calling this Part .5 because all three of my lamps are only partially finished.  Actually calling them halfway finished is a bit generous, but...

"Lamp 1 During 1" - McKinney, Texas

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Little Late With Lighting

I'm running a bit behind today, so this is going to be quick.

"Lamps 2 & 3 During 1" - McKinney, Texas
In addition to my day job and the classes that I've been teaching for the past two weeks with one more to go, I'm also working on a landscape design for my parents' neighbors, joined and have already been volunteered for various things with the McKinney Garden Club, I'm making a little progress on my chair which has only been in the works for a year now and got it stained (and a million bug bites in the process), working on several lamps, oh and Janice is visiting for the week with Tessa.  Yep, I've been a busy little bee.  Unfortunately for Janice this busy little bee did not get her house cleaned as well as it should have been before Janice's arrival and I was actually vacuuming  when Janice arrived and while she unpacked.  Luckily Janice loves me, messy house and all, because, frankly, some cleaning is still pending.
"Lamp 1 During 1" - McKinney, Texas
I'll leave you with these teaser photos and I'll explain more about what I'm doing with each lamp tomorrow.

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Lakehouse Logos

The last time I was down visiting Janice she asked if I could help her do a logo for her lake house.  I was more than happy to help.  So while driving around to fun local restaurants and trying to find a new camera for me, we talked about what she wanted to call her lake house and what she wanted in the logo.

"Tex's Jubilee Logo 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas

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Bad Riddles and Jokes and Puns

I've told you about my friend Carrie a few times, in Babies and Embarrassing Things and The Garden Show and So Many Clever People, and my first monthly art project was doing a ribbon frame around the beautiful painting she gave me for my birthday this year.  I was pretty sure that I had told you about her special ringtone on my cellphone, but I can't find it now.  Either way, it's my cellphone screaming "why won't you answer me," which Carrie and I think is hilarious.  What I haven't told you about is Carrie's love of riddles, jokes, and puns...bad riddles, jokes, and puns.  I mean super cheesy, icky, sticky, terrible, hurt your brain riddles, jokes, and puns.  I affectionately refer to them as groaners and Carrie has hundreds of them!

"Carrie and Her Art 1" - Frisco, Texas

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