Some Glittery Noggins for October's Clever Creation

Well, one of  this month's clever creations anyway.  We've had two others so far this month: It's Halloween Time! and Masks, Masks, and More Masks.  And, fingers crossed, we'll have yet another tomorrow with my photo booth props.

"Skulls Finished 1" - McKinney, Texas

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Coming This Week - Count Down to Party Time

This week I am working on getting my house all ready for company, which should be my full time job this week but I don't think my boss will go for it.  I'm telling you, my studio is a disaster! And I hate cleaning house!  Ah, the price we pay to have people come over for a good time and mess up your freshly cleaned house.
"Photo Props During 1" - McKinney, Texas
But I've got a few fun projects that will give me an excuse to take a break from cleaning, like finishing up the props for my photo booth.  There will be more glitter!
"Skulls Finished 1" - McKinney, Texas
Just like these skulls that I decorated.  So stay tuned!

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Masks, Masks, and More Masks

Well, really it's just three more masks today, but there's glitter!

Mask 2 and 3 Before 1" - McKinney, Texas

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It's Like Visiting a Different Planet

Pepper and I were lucky enough to spend this past weekend at Janice's lake house.  We had a fantastic time, but there are some interesting little bits of small town information that I just have to share with you.  First, the trip...

"A Lake View" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas

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Coming This Week - Small Towns and Make Believe

I'm thinking that I'm going to change up my post schedule and add in a bit more structure.  I'd greatly appreciate any opinions or alternative suggestions that you guys have.  In brief, I'm planning on a weekly "Coming This Week" post on Monday.  This would be a teaser for the two posts to follow later in the week, Wednesday and Thursday.  I'm hoping to add in a mid-month interview with one of the many creative people that I know and meet along the way and end each month with one or more "Clever Creations."  I was thinking that a little predictability about the timing of things would be good, what do you guys think?

Drum roll please for our first "Coming This Week":

"Pepper at the Lake 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Pepper and I got to spend the weekend at Janice's house on the lake.  This meant lots of lake time for Pepper and a chance for me to test out my new little point and shoot with it's waterproof case.  It also meant that we got to learn more about the strange, little town that Janice now calls home.
"Masks Finished 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
We're going to jump the gun a bit on this month's "Clever Creations," but Halloween is fast approaching and I've got more planned for later this month too!

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