Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior

My mom and I used to go to several musicals every year, but I have to say that I have never seen Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Well, that may change this weekend.

The Plano Children's Theatre and McKinney Youth Theatre are going to be putting on Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior from September 3rd to the 6th and the McKinney Performing Arts Center.  This musical is about a young girl from a small town trying to make it in the big city.  Some, perhaps all of the parts have been double cast and the daughter of one of my friends is playing Millie for half of the performances!  Not to mention the fact that I know my friend has helped with at least one of the major prop pieces, which has proven to be quite tricky, so I'm excited to see the results of the whole family's hard work.  I don't know that I'll be allowed to take photographs, but if I get to see this little masterpiece, especially if I get photographs, I will be sure to fill you guys in next week.  If you are interested in going then you can purchase your tickets here.
Break a leg all you future stars!

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Coming This Week - Singing, Dancing & Swimming

I know, I know, a day late, but you're going to get two posts today for the price of one!

Up first this week, and in just a few minutes actually, this weekend the Plano Children's Theatre and McKinney Youth Theatre are putting on a production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior!  If you like musicals and you like kids then this might just be the thing for you this weekend!  And then I'll tell you about the trip Pepper and I took to the lake last weekend where I didn't get a sunburn!  Yep, it's amazing!

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We Savored and Sipped on Sunday

*Let's try this again with photographs this time!
First I have to tell you guys that I am disproportionately excited that my scheduled post actually made it up like it was supposed to yesterday, woohoo!!!  And now we'll talk about the important stuff, you know, the food, wine, and fun at Sunday's Savor and Sip event benefiting the Community Garden Kitchen!

The week before last we all learned a bit more about the Community Garden Kitchen and it's association with Holy Family School and the Community Garden.  We also talked about the fundraising that was going on to build the Community Garden Kitchen and specifically about Savor and Sip that was at Sugarbacon this past Sunday.  I was lucky enough to get to go to and it was fantastic!

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Coming This Week - McKinney's Building a Kitchen

So, in light of last week's issues, I'm going to see if this post goes up like it's supposed to and plan on doing at least one more this week with photographs and information about the Community Garden Kitchen fundraising event that was on Sunday.

Assuming things go smoothly I might push my luck and try for a third post this week.  Fingers crossed!

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Having a Few Issues

I'm sorry that my monitor stand post just went up today.  It was scheduled to go up on Friday, but apparently I did something wrong when I tried to set it up to post automatically.  I've just started a new job and this week I've been doing part-time at two jobs, which means that I haven't actually been getting a lunch because that's my drive between offices/take the dog out for a walk time.  And since lunch is normally the time I get my posts up, I tried to have them put up automatically.  It was a good idea in theory.  Hopefully I'll get it worked out this weekend and we'll be back up and running again next week because Sunday is the Community Garden Kitchen event and I should have some photographs of that for you.  And at some point I plan on getting my studio set up finished so that I can get back to creating pieces of paper art.  I've got a LOT of catching up to do there!

Have a great rest of the week and cross your fingers that I get everything operational!

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