Found Something Good on TV

I know my posts are a little all over the show lately and here is yet another.  Today, I want to tell you about this great show that I found on Netflix called Granite Flats.  Granite Flats is a Brigham Young University Production, which if you are like me and weren't aware, is a Mormon university.  Did you know that apparently all of the Mormons in the US were rounded up and placed on a Mormon reservation, also known as Utah?  Janice gave me a hard time for not knowing that Brigham Young was a Mormon university, but why would I know that?  I don't know every Catholic, Episcopal, Baptist, or other religious universities in the US, unless it's actually in the name like Southern Methodist University, and then there's like a 50/50 shot I'd get the religion right.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that SMU is a Catholic Methodist university.  And at the time of the conversation I was unaware of the Mormon relocation project, or that the University was in Utah, so...

"Lilium asiatic 2" - McKinney, Texas

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Up Here On My Soapbox

My life is still a big ball of chaos and it keeps getting more complicated, but I do have several posts that I'm hoping to get up this week starting with today's discussion on how to be a polite driver, aka how not to be a jerk behind the wheel.  I'll start out by saying that I am not the best driver in the world.  That is not to say that I am a terrible driver, but I do, on occasion, mostly by accident but sometimes intentionally, do jerky things while driving, like unintentionally cut someone off changing lanes or miss someone in my blind spot.  When I do these things accidentally I sheepishly wave and say I'm sorry.  Yes, I know the other driver can't hear me, but I mouth the word big like a giant dork, and it makes me feel better because I've apologized.  It's a simple gesture people, wave an apology if you screw up, we're all human and the person behind the wheel of the other car should accept the apology and everyone moves on.

"Lilium 2" - McKinney, Texas

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Memorial Day Mishaps and Amazing Food

This year's Memorial Day was rather wet for north Texas, but my family and some good family friends got together and had a great meal and a few misadventures.

"Memorial Day 2015 1" - McKinney, Texas

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!
Many of our Memorial Day plans in the north Texas area have had to be changed or canceled due to weather, including the Pecan Grove ceremony.  While we have had a much wetter May than we are used to, roughly two thirds of this month has included some sort of precipitation, and many people are unhappy about not seeing the sun and the vast amounts and frequency of rain, the over eight inches which we have received has helped bring McKinney and several other north Texas areas out of the severe drought category for the first time since May of 2012 according to National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office.  We're expecting even more rain this week and I, for one, say bring it on!  Granted, McKinney has not suffered the tornadoes and flooding, like other areas of Texas, and I do hope that those areas are granted some relief, but if McKinney, and other areas which have not had to deal with severe weather, can handle a bit more rain to help raise our water-table back up then I am happy to get a little wet.

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Still a Little Spazzy, But I Have a Question

Things are still a little all over the show here, so no Coming This Week or regularly scheduled posts.  But I do have a question for you...When did it become socially acceptable to take your cellphone into the bathroom?

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