Memorial Day is Coming

Memorial Day is coming up on Monday and I was curious to know the history of this national holiday.  I knew that it was a day dedicated to honoring those soldiers that died while serving in the military, but did not know that it days back to the Civil War.  Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day became an official national holiday in 1971.

While it is fantastic to have the day off and Memorial Day traditionally marks the day that many pools open for the summer, let's remember to take a moment to thank those brave individuals who have lost their lives preserving our freedom, not to mention pool privileges.

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A Charitable End of the Week

There are some great charitable opportunities this week.  First up, today is Red Nose Day!  "Get seriously silly.  Raise some money and help kids in need" (  Anyone can have their own Red Nose fundraiser and there are several suggestions on their website.  You can also purchase Red Nose paraphernalia from your local Walgreen's.

Another fantastic charity is McKinney's Smiles Charity.  Smiles Charity is a concert and festival that benefits Operation Finally Home, which builds houses for veterans.  This year the concert headliner is Frankie Ballard.  The show will begin at 5 p.m. in Adriatica on Virginia.  So there you have a couple of simple ways to give back this week: sport your red nose today and listen to some great music on Sunday!

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Coming This Week - ?

I had planned on sharing photographs of the final show of the Odysseus Chamber Orchestra this week, but my weekend plans were totally sidelined by a stomach virus.  I managed to make it through most of a wedding shower that my mom threw Saturday morning before I gave into the blech feeling and had to bail, and the rest of my weekend was spent feeling nauseous, puking, or sleeping.  (Yep, if that sentence doesn't get a million suitors to my door then I don't know what will.  What guy doesn't want to hear all about a girl's "digestive pyrotechnics?")  So, I think we'll all be a little surprised to see what pops up on the blog this week...

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Jon's Jokes - Gardening

John sent me an image of a funny sign outside a landscape company.  In searching the internet to find the original I came across some other amusing garden signs and thought I'd share.
Gardening: Cheaper than therapy...and you get tomatoes.

Gardener wanted: Must look good bending over.

Weed it and reap.

Gardeners know the best dirt.

Free Weeds: Pull your own!

Trespassers will be composted.

Don't piss off the fairies!

Hooray, Spring is here!  I got so excited I wet my plants!

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Thank Yous to Teachers

Teachers are amazing people who help educate and inspire future generations.  These generous spirits give their time, their passion, and, more often than not, part of their paycheck, to create amazing classrooms.  I have been lucky enough to have had several teachers and professors who have pushed and challenged me, shown me awesome things and the strange and wonderful way the world, history, nature, math, and art connect, and they've helped me understand the role that I play in the world.  I love programs that recognize and reward teachers, and here are a few.  A radio station in McKinney, KLAK, honors local teachers throughout the school year.  Each month a Teacher of the Month is awarded and they are about to name their Teacher of the Year from all of the monthly winners.  The monthly winners are honored with their own radio spot, a plaque, and prize money.  While it's to late to submit your favorite educator this year, the program will start up again in the fall, so keep that in mind next August and September.

Another program that is currently going on is Limeades for Learning.  Sonic and have teamed up for the past several years to support teachers.  During the month of May Sonic will make a donation with each tweet or retweet of #thanksteach.  If you want to learn more about the program you can go to the website and watch their video with Julianne Hough.  Thank you teachers!!!

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