Post Thanksgiving

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with friends and family, but most importantly LOTS of food!

My short and probably ill advised break from my new blog is due, in part, to all of the family time I had last week.  Admittedly, since I actually really like my family, family time is not generally too much of a sacrifice.

Thanksgiving in my family isn't just about Pilgrims, Indians, and trying to see how much you can eat before falling into a turkey induced food coma.  We also celebrate my brother's birthday and any visit from my brother, who is the only one in my immediate family not to live within a 20 minute drive, is cause for serious and almost continuous family time as far as my parents are concerned.  I think they are secretly conducting psychological research to see exactly how much togetherness is too much, even for families that actually like each other, because we do almost everything together!!!  Our Thanksgiving tradition is that everyone cooks at least one item for the dinner, and since everyone in my family is a good cook, this means that we have a fabulous meal!  Combine this tradition with all of the mandatory family time and you get a perpetual stack of dirty dishes in my parents' kitchen on Thanksgiving.  No matter how much washing my poor father does, there always seems to be more!  In the end, as always, we had a great meal, several new, favorite recipes, and some good old fashion family bonding.

Needless to say Friday was family time.  No Black Friday shopping for us!  We planted trees and made trips to two different movie theatres before we could get into a movie that we all agreed upon.  We did end up having to buy our tickets early, but who is going to complain about having a quick margarita break before seeing the latest James Bond movie?  Not this girl!  For those of you who did partake, I hope that you got some unbelievable deals and that there wasn't too much shoving involved.

My brother flew out on Saturday, so I actually got the day to myself!  I had every intention of wishing you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving and mentioning that it was Shop Small Saturday, but I spent too much of the day shopping small myself!  I wish I could say that I got my entire Christmas list knocked out, but I did manage to put a dent in it.  That's a start!  And then Sunday I spent in a post Thanksgiving haze.

The long and short is: I hope that you all had a great start to what we can only hope will be another fabulous holiday season!!!

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