Calypte costae

I just finished a custom piece for some friends to send their friends in Sweden.  I'm going global!

It's a photo of a female hummingbird that I took at the Desert Museum in Arizona.  I believe that it is a Costa's Hummingbird.  There was a hummingbird enclosure that I could have spent all day in!  There were several different species all buzzing through the trees and shrubs.  I like this photo because it's a female, not the colorful little rockets you normally think of when you picture a hummingbird.  The color in the photo is actually the background building and the foliage.  The print that I made and framed is small, so my friends wanted the bird as big as possible.  Tell me which you like best.

Here is the original photo:
"Calypte costae 1" - Desert Museum in Arizona
Here's the vertical close up:

"Calypte costae 2"
And here's the horizontal close up:
"Calypte costae 3"
*"Calypte costae 1," "Calypte costae 2," and "Calypte costae 3" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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