Danaus plexippus 2

So, I got stuck in the real world yesterday and neglected to put up a new post, I apologize.  I'm working on my blog planning ahead skills.  There is this tab to the right that says "Schedule" which I think I will become very familiar with in my pursuits of timeliness.

Today we're revisiting the monarch butterfly because...well, because it makes me happy.  We've had hard freezes the past couple of nights and, while I LOVE the cold, I wanted something bright and cheerful today.  I know, my two nights of hard freezes are nothing compared to the snow and weather that other people are dealing with and honestly I am wishing for snow.  I am in no way shape or form dreaming of Texas' sweltering summer days where sidewalks shimmer with the radiation of heat and you leave objects outside at your own risk with the understanding that whatever it is will probably melt.  No, no, not looking forward to that at all.  While I was born and raised in Texas, I am a cold weather girl through and through.

Enough about me and my weather preferences.  Here is a close up of the monarch's wing.  I'm telling you, this butterfly was posing for me.  Enjoy.

"Danaus plexippus 2" - McKinney, Texas
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