It will soon be gone...

I know that I’ve shown you zinnias before and that pink and green aren’t traditional holiday colors, but I liked the way that the petals faded to white.  It’s a little like the melting snow around north Texas: the white dissolving, slowly revealing whatever is underneath, the color intensified by the moisture.

"Zinnia 3" - Dallas Arboretum
Living in the South and the infrequency of snows makes them almost purely enjoyable, and I get more than a little romantic and fuzzy.  This has been the first white Christmas in Texas in a long time.  I was at my parents’ for our traditional Christmas family time.  My younger brother and my aunt both came in from out of town and we all spent the day enjoying the Wii that Jensen got our parents, playing with the dogs in the snow, and eating WAY too much good food!

I hope that you all had a good, family and food filled holiday like I did. 

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