Agave Please

Today's addition to my "Flora & Fauna" collection is a piece called "Agave."  Agave is a genus, no specie this week, native to the southwestern US and parts of South America.

"Agave" - Desert Museum

Primarily found in arid climates, these succulents are characterized by their pointed leaves which originate from the root of the plant.  The leaves are thick and fleshy, and house a juice or jelly like substance.  While there is a species of agave used in the making of tequila and the genus is related to aloe, the juice from the leaves of many agave are known to cause acute contact dermatitis.

A friend gave me a century plant, which is a common name for several agave species.  It has similar pointed leaves to the photo, but the leaves are a grey/green similar to aloe, and no red tips.  It's a great low maintenance plant, though it is incredibly slow growing.  I think I'll be a century old before it gets even close to full size.  Right now it's probably 6-8 inches across, but they can get up to 8-10 feet across!

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