Fredda's Garden

As promised in my Echinacea purpurea and Apis mellifera Linnaeus post, here are some photos of my friend Fredda's garden.

Now, there is a caveat that has to go with the photos: I was intending to use these photos for personal use, i.e. examples to show landscape clients or to get inspiration from.  To that end, I took photos of elements of the landscape and do not actually have any of the yard as a whole.  I apologize, but I hope you enjoy the elements as much as I did.

First up we have Fredda's topiary chicken shrubs!
I am not much for topiaries in general.  Don't get me wrong, they have their place.  Versailles, for example, would not look as grand without all of the knotted shrubs with their clean edges creating a great tapestry of plants.  I am more of a naturalistic designer, it's a personal preference, but I favor natural or adapted plants and a design that spotlights a plant's natural beauty.  All of that being said, I would have topiary chickens in my yard in a heartbeat if they didn't require constant pruning.  How fun are these?

Down the street side of the yard you will find an alley that culminates in a black, wrought iron fountain before ending with the gate to the backyard.

There are many of Fredda's mosaic sculptures throughout the yard.  She also had an interesting hanging piece made of the interior of a bike wheel with colored antique plates.
Fredda used a variety of interesting materials for her planting bed boarders:
Bowling Balls


Wine Bottles
This is an installation of stain glass windows featuring another one of Fredda's mosaic creations, and punctuated with a pink sink planter.
Throughout the yard Fredda has large potted plants which create small focal features and vary the plant height throughout the space.  Heading from the backyard to the other side yard, you will find a seating area with a bright blue table and chairs by another of Fredda's mosaic pieces.
In the side yard separating her property from her neighbor's, Fredda has created an arbor from an old bed spring, headboard, and some timber.  All she needs is a small bench and for her plants to climb up and through the springs and this will be a picture perfect place to spend some outdoor time.
I hope that you have enjoyed these photos, they honestly do not do my cleaver friend's yard justice.  And I didn't even take photos of her HUGE front porch, which has even more creative, recycled pieces of art.  It just goes to show that most everything can find a new life, you just have to have a vision.  Now, go out and create something beautiful for yourself, I would love to see your photos.

*These images were not intended to be put up for sale.  If you wish to use any of the images please contact me to discuss.

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