Hyacinthus: myth or flora

Today's flower is the hyacinth.  There is a Greek myth about Hyacinth, a young lover of Apollo's who was killed when struck by a discus.  Apollo created the hyacinth from Hyacinth's blood.  A sweet and creepy tribute all at the same time.

"Hyacinthus" - Chicago Botanic Garden
Mythology aside, these little beauties always make me think of Easter.  Once we get past Valentine's I'm sure you'll see these guys popping up in all the grocery stores and florists.  Pastels, pinks, purples, yellows, and whites, baskets, colored grass, and brightly colored eggs.

According to my mother, if you grew up in our house our eggs were not brightly colored.  My brother and I always tried to see exactly how many colors we could get on our eggs resulting in rather ugly, more often than not, brown eggs.  Ah, the amnesia of childhood.  I, for one, do not remember the brown eggs, I just remember the fun of coloring them.  We'd cover the whole kitchen table with newspaper and several cups of vinegar, which I was sure was an odor that must be reminiscent of the smell of the devil's armpit.  (I still don't really like the smell of white vinegar, but I'm a bit less dramatic about it.)  Each cup of liquid armpit would get its own color and then my mom would set my brother and I loose with how every many dozen eggs she had boiled that year.  Sometimes we would experiment with our dying techniques.  One year we tried drawing on them with white crayons, but I remember that mostly resulting in eggs with disjointed white areas.  Another year we had stickers and glitter, but the glitter always gets on your egg when you crack it and who wants to eat glitter.  Well I might have when I was little, but it doesn't sound good now.

Glitter, stickers, crayons, brown eggs, however they turned out, the night before Easter my parents would hide all of the eggs along with several plastic candy filled ones and an Easter basket for my brother and I.  We would go to church and then come back to the house for a big free for all in the backyard!  We had to be careful not to let the dog out because Jeremy, a lab mutt of some concoction, would eat any and all of the eggs that he could find, hard boiled, plastic, or otherwise.  No matter how hard or long we looked we'd always miss an egg or two and Jeremy would get a treat the next time we let him out.  This always led to a different sort of colorful deposits in the backyard!

And on that note...I hope that you all have a good week and that this early Easter flower brightens your day.

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