Short Lived Winter Wonderland

The original intent of this blog was to showcase my more commercial photographs, not personal ones, and I've gone a little off target lately, but that's half the fun.  Today I'm staying off target, sort of, but I had to share the photos of my family during the Christmas snow! 

First up is a photo of my dog, Pepper!  She's a 70+ lbs black lab lap dog.  She is obsessed with playing fetch and I actually had to confiscate her ball to get her to stand still long enough for me to take this photo.  Her eyes are looking a little wonky, but that's because I attempted to correct that green, demon eye thing that happens to dogs and I think I made her pupils too black.  She actually has the sweetest eyes, not that I'm biased or anything.

Don't you love her bell collar?  I got two for my parents' dogs years ago and have been searching for my own for the past several years and finally struck gold this year.  Walking the dogs with their jingle bell collars on sounds like taking a traditional Christmas sleigh ride.

This is my mom indulging my dog in her obsession.  We lost several balls over those two days.

Here is my dad walking through the woods behind his house.  He and my mother both grew up in St. Louis with regular snowy winters, lots of shoveling snow and dealing with icy streets, so he was less than thrilled when it started to snow on Christmas day.  Dad always says that he moved to Texas so that he didn't have to shovel snow.  He was out of luck this year though and the rest of us were pleased!
A boy and his dog!  I love this photo.  It's actually my brother and one of my parents' dogs, Max.  Don't they look like good buddies exploring the winter wilderness?
Last up we have a photo of my dog resting after several rounds of fetch.  Isn't she a beauty?

My parents also have a chocolate lab, but she's less than a year old and getting her to hold still in the snow was impossible.  So, unfortunately, there are no photos of Sophie.  My aunt is also not pictured because she lives in Kansas City and the novelty of snow has long since worn off.  While she's not a snow grinch like dad, she did decide that she would rather do dishes than explore the woods.  Yeah, I don't get it either, but to each his own.

*These photos were not intended to be sold.  If you wish to use any of these images please contact me to discuss.

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