Balloon Aircraft

My father is a member of an antique car group, thrilling, I know.  Don't get me wrong, the cars are beautiful and I would seriously consider trading my left arm for one, but mention the motor or the intake valve or whatever else goes on under the hood and my eyes glaze over and my ears quit working.  I think antique cars are mobile works of art, but if I was to get one I would turn it into a hot rod: all of the beauty of a classic with the luxary of a modern car, like AC.  I know, that's a bit of blasphemy but I can't help it.  I like my creature comforts!

Back to the point.  Last year, dad and his antique car buddies put on an antique car show at the Plano Balloon Festival.  A hot air balloon festival!  I was swimming in visions of all of the great photos I would get: fire pulsing through different brightly colored columns or crew members hands hefting a basket out of a trailer.  Alas, in Plano you are not allowed on the field before the balloons take off.  Visitors were allowed on the field as they landed, so some of my dream was fulfilled.

"Balloon Aircraft 2" - Plano Balloon Festival

My parents used to go to the balloon festival in Albuquerque every year.  I think this past year is one of the first that they have ever missed.  They would get some great shots while walking around as the balloons were being set up.  This was a grownups only trip and my brother and I have never been invited.  I think this past year was one of the only times they have missed it.
"Balloon Aircraft 1" - Plano Balloon Festival
They would always bring something back for my brother and I.  I have a little bit of an addiction to jewelry, the "shiny stuff" as my dad would say.  Combine my addiction with New Mexico's talented silver artisans and I'm pretty easy to appease.  Over the years I had created quite a collection.  Slowly pieces began disappearing here and there.  If I didn't wear a piece for a couple of weeks then it was gone.  All those years my mother had been buying jewelry that she liked to and was slowly stealing it back.  I found a huge stash in her jewelry box!  We now have joint custody...and I have learned to hide the pieces I don't want my mom to wander off with.

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