Gomphrena 'Fireworks'

Today's photo is of a Globe Amaranth 'Fireworks.'  Firework is a very appropriate name for these fun little  flowers.

"Gomphrena 'Fireworks'" - Globe Amaranth 'Fireworks' at the Dallas Arboretum
Since I kept skipping over Valentine's Day for Easter, I thought a burst of pink would be a good way to start February.

These little dolls are minimal up keep and drought tolerant.  While the flowers aren't that large, about an inch, the plant does get up to three or four feet high and about that wide.  Other than sometimes getting a little leggy, this seems like a perfect addition to a garden.  They would be especially striking in a cottage garden; little bursts of pink with yellow tips.

These are so the type of plant that I would have picked out as a kid.  First it's pink and as most any girlie girl five year old will tell you, pink is a must.  Second, they are like little pom poms or pink puff balls, and who doesn't want a plant that has puff ball flowers?  Third, the fun yellow tips.  My mom gave my brother and I little garden plots one year and mine was composed almost entirely of flowers.  I was young enough that I didn't understand the value in a perennial vs. an annual, so my garden was short lived.  My brother's, on the other hand, was a variety of cacti and other odd looking plants.  It did very well, primarily because they were plants that thrived on neglect.  My brother and I were very enthusiastic about the idea of a garden, but the regular maintenance required was considerably less interesting than playing outside, watching TV, swimteam, chores, or most anything else that one can do during the summer.  This may have been the start of my preference for native and adapted plants in my landscape designs: minimal upkeep!

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