Reds & Pinks for Valentine's Day

We're going back to "Flora & Fauna" and I'm going to share some new reds & pinks.  I have to apologize in advance, I am feeling like sharing some VERY corny Valentine's greetings with you all.
"Ranunculus 2" - Ranunculus at the Chicago Botanic Garden
First up we have another ranunculus.  Remember, ranunculus is Latin for little frog.  And here's the cheesy Valentine for this photo:

"This little froggy is hopping you'll be my Valentine!"

I can hear the groans!

Next up we have a purple cone flower.
"Echinacea purpurea" - Purple Cone Flower in McKinney, Texas
Roses are red,
Purple cone flowers are purple...
Nothing good rhymes with purple!  There is hurple and curple, but what sort of Valentine's rhyme can you make with a Scottish word that means to hobble or the name for one of the straps on a saddle?

I know you have all seen one of these little lovelies.  This is a gerbera daisy.
"Gerbera jamesonii" - Gerbera Daisy at the Dallas Arboretum
 Let the cheese fest resume!

This daisy is crazy for you Valentine!

Hey, I warned you these were going to be bad!

Finally we'll end with a geranium.

"Geraniaceae Geranium" - Geranium at the Chicago Botanic Garden
I am not coming up with anything sufficiently tacky, so I will just wish you all a

Happy Valentine's Day!
May you have many valentines that don't make you wish you were lactose intolerant!

 *"Ranunculus 2, "Echinacea purpurea," "Gerbera jamesonii," and "Geraniaceae Geranium" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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