Aquilegia hinkleyana and Lilium asiatic

Vanessa was my second roommate in college and we still keep in touch today.  Not regularly, but she's got two adorable kids and I'm inconsistent, shall we say, in my writing frequency.  Vanessa and I were 2 of about 12 girls that were incompatible with the roommates the University assigned us.  All 12 girls met with a couple of the RAs in a common area of the dorm halfway through our first semester.  Yes, halfway through the first semester, that's how bad some of these matches were.  I came to the conclusion that Lauren and I were just a couple of leftovers and the powers that be were just hoping we wouldn't kill each other.  We didn't even have the same study habits!  In the questionnaire you filled out for assigning roommates they had questions like: "Do you like it quiet when you study?"  Me: no, Lauren: yes.  "Do you play music when you study?"  Me: yes, Lauren: no.  "When do you study?"  Me: evening, Lauren: middle of the night.  Honestly, leftover is the only reasonable conclusion, don't you think?

"Aquilegia hinckleyana 1" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, there Vanessa and I were in the midst of what had to be the most unique offerings the university had, praying that we would be able find a roommate who didn't eat her own toenails or think she was a vampire.  I am all for being an individual, but there needs to be a modicum of mutual respect.  I won't go digging through your stuff, eat your food, roll around in your bed, etc. uninvited and, presumably, you'll do the same for me.  I thought that was just common courtesy, but apparently boundaries were pretty flexible or virtually invisible for some.
"Lilium asiatic 1" - McKinney, Texas
I don't remember exactly what the story was with Vanessa's first roommate, but for some reason I'm picturing a female version of every off color podunk, redneck, gun toting, cowboy Texan stereotype out there.  This may have absolutely no basis in fact, but picturing a female Yosemite Sam makes me laugh!

For all of the individuals out there we have a yellow columbine, "Aquilegia hinckleyana 1".  Columbines are incredibly unique flowers with the spur tips in the petals that seem to be made just for hummingbird beaks.  And, like the color of Yosemite Sam's hair, we also have a bright orange Asiatic lily, "Lilium asiatic 1".  I don't know about you guys, but I was suprised by the ridges at the center of the lily.  To get a little cheesy on you, they are like the necessary ups and downs of our early adult life.

Enjoy and share your college memories.

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