Brassica oleracea - Prince and cabbage

First a little grammatical housekeeping: My last post should have been titled "May I Put You On Hold," not "Can I..."  All of my English teachers and professors are tutting and shaking their heads because I am capable of putting you on hold, I did put you on hold, but I was asking if it was alright that I did so.  I apologize for the lapse, I promise it will happen again.

And now to what you all have been waiting for: How can Prince be connected to cabbage?  I know that my random rantings punctuated by photos are the center of your universe and you have subsequently spent all weekend asking this question.  Since you are just about at your wits end with this baffling combination, I'll go ahead and put an end to your misery.

"Brassica oleracea 1" - McKinney, Texas

At Trinity University, where I went for my first two years of undergrad, as an incoming student you, along with 5 or so other newbies, are given a big sister or brother, for lack of a better term.  The thinking is that the big sister or brother will give you helpful hints about navigating college and will help keep you entertained during orientation week.  The group that you're put with means that you are meeting at least a few people before classes start so you don't feel quite so alone and, again, help keep you entertained during orientation week.  Luckily for me Maggie was in my group.

During orientation week you had to go to presentations on all sorts of things: academic honor code, registration how tos, student organizations, etc.  The most amusing, or at least the most memorable, were the skits on how you could get yourself into and out of undesirable sexual situations.  It ran the gamete from harassment to rape.  Ok, I'm not saying that any unwanted sexual advances are funny, but what was funny where the scenarios that they came up with and the WAY over the top acting.  It all reminded me of this horrible driver's ed video that I had to watch called "Blood Runs Red on the Highway."  It was a video showing the aftermath of horrible crashes, but the announcer was so into it all it made it hilarious!  That's how I remember the name of the video several hundred years later.
"Brassica oleracea  2" - McKinney, Texas

Anyway, during a particularly cheesy skit (probably involving a girl asking her friends to leave her behind at a frat party where 18 kegs had been consumed, plus who knows what illicit drugs, so that she was the only girl with 20 boys who were behaving like they had been in prison for their whole lives, you know, something super realistic) they started playing a Prince song.  What Prince song I couldn't say, although I'm thinking it was "When Doves Cry."  Maggie and I, who were sitting next to each other and trying our best to control our inappropriate fits of laughter, both look at each other and said, "I love Prince," WAY too loud.  We then spent the rest of the presentation making fun of the stupid situations that people got themselves into in the sex skits, critiqued Purple Rain, and lamented the end of 80s music.  Basically we sealed our friendship on the basis of a similar tacky since of humor and a love of bad 80s music.
"Brassica oleracea 3" - McKinney, Texas

And the link: When I think of Prince, two things almost immediately come to mind, Purple Rain and his pompadour, quickly followed by the high heeled boots.  I thought that the decorative, purple cabbage tied rather nicely to Purple Rain.  And the clincher, right now cabbages are sending up flower stalks with bright yellow flowers, like a poofy hairdo or big, wild hat.  Sorry, I couldn't come up with a plant that made me think of high heeled boots.  I never promise it would be a particularly good link and hey, I warned you that we were going to wander through my twisted, little mind!

*"Brassica oleracea 1," "Brassica oleracea 2," and "Brassica oleracea 3" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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