Do kumquats have nemesises? Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat'

My first roommate in college was a girl named Lauren.  She was nice, but had some pretty's say quirks.  Lauren would talk to herself all the time.  I don't mean the "Shoot I forgot (insert necessary object here)," outbursts we all have or the pep talks we give ourselves.  I'm talking full blown conversations with funny bits (that she would laugh at, out loud), parts that made her think (she'd furrow her brow), and just about all consuming to the point that you would wave or say hi to her and she just wouldn't hear or see you.  She had some other behaviors that I thought were rather odd, including her laundry habits and the fact that she was a 6 foot tall beanpole, but ate ALL the time!  I kind of hated her for that last one.

"Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat' 1" - Chicago Botanic Garden

Through our short time as roommates and the several times over the next two years that we would run into each other Lauren was always Lauren.  While some serious bribery would have been necessary to get us to live together again and judgy teenage me did spend more time than I should have thinking that Lauren was odd, I am glad that we lived together.  Normal is boring and I wouldn't have nearly as many funny roommate stories to tell if we hadn't.  I'm sure Lauren has more than a few stories about me too, though 18 year old me may beg to differ, I've always been pretty off center.  Make life interesting and let your freak flag fly!

Today's flower is for all of the Lauren's out there, myself included.  Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat'!
"Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat' 2" - Chicago Botanic Garden

How fun are these little guys?  They look like daisies that are sticking their tongues out, I love it!  And then there's the name: Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat'.  First it has Nemesia, which is like nemesis, and then there's Kumquat, the nemesis of a kumquat.  What would be the nemesis of a kumquat?  I tried looking it up to see if perhaps a particular bird regularly ate kumquats off the tree, but I didn't find anything under "eats kumquats" besides several videos claiming to show you how to eat a kumquat (roll it between your fingers to release the oils and then eat it whole) and some sites with recipes (these little darlings are pretty sour).  Moving past the nemesis of the kumquat, which I know is hard, but follow me here.  Next you have Juicy Fruits!  Seriously, it's named after gum!  It's not really, but it makes me happy to think it is.  If this had been one of the plants I had to memorize for plant ID I think my memory trick would have gone something like this: The kumquat nemesis is strumming on the juicy fruits.  And then I would have gotten in trouble for laughing in the middle of a test.  Thank goodness for small favors I guess, and strange roommates, thank goodness for strange roommates.

*"Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat 1'" and "Nemesia strumosa 'Juicy Fruits Kumquat' 2" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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