Magnolias in Wonderland

Remember back in Cercis canadensis var. texensis when I said that I was keeping an eye of the tulip tree down the street?

"Magnolia x soulangeana 2" - McKinney, Texas
Ta da!

Tulip trees are also called japanese magnolias, oriental magnolias, and saucer magnolias.  There is another type of tree with the common name tulip tree that has tulip shaped leaves.
"Magnolia x soulangeana 1" - McKinney, Texas
When I was getting my master's in landscape architecture we were given a project where we had to create a theme driven design with only 5 plants.  We were able to disregard growing conditions, etc. for the plants as long as they were related to and reinforced our theme.  I chose Alice in Wonderland, specifically when Alice joins the Mad Hatter and March Hare for tea.  I imagined that the this was simply a section of a long trail depicting the story with plants, hardscape, and sculptures in the children's area at an arboretum.  The path leading to the tea party was covered by an arbor with cat paw prints because Alice had just left the Cheshire Cat.  The tea party was a large sculpture based on the original lithographs done by John Tenniel with chairs that children could sit in.  The path leading away from the tea party and to the Queen of Hearts was a checker board of pavers and plants.  And here's the point: The saucer magnolia was one of my plants because all of the plants that I choice related to tea and tea parties.  I was a little long winded on the lead up and a bit lacking on the finally sorry.  It was a really fun project though.
"Magnolia x soulangeana 3" - McKinney, Texas
*"Magnolia x soulangeana 1," "Magnolia x soulangeana 2," and "Magnolia x soulangeana 3" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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