Tessa and apologies

So I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been struggling a bit the past couple of posts.  There hasn't been much bang for your buck.  I apologize for the lack luster stories.

"Gomphrena 'Fireworks'" - Dallas Arboretum
Anyone who knows me in person will tell you that I love to talk.  I'll talk to pretty much anyone about anything.  I love to tell stories, mostly funny, many heartwarming, some just tidbits that I've picked up reading something or other.  Here all of the stories that I was telling seemed to be about my parents or childhood and I was feeling like a cross between the crazy cat lady (Me in my housecoat and my 33 cats living in a one bedroom place.  I would be sleeping on the couch, having given up the bedroom to build a cat sanctuary.  Each cat would have a super saccharine, cutesie name.  I would dress them up in clothes and take millions of pictures which I would post on my cat blog with "funny," cat pun driven captions.) and the 50 year old super nerd living in her mom's basement (I decided that I didn't want to leave my childhood behind, so I moved back in with the parents, but seeing as I'm an adult, I live in the basement because that makes it less weird.  All of my social interactions are online, the exception being my parents, and I have a boyfriend in Sweden whose profile picture is of a model, but he's really a 13 year old from the Middle of Nowhere, USA.  Oh, and my profile picture may imply that I look a little more like Giselle than I really do.).  I have friends, real friends, I swear!

So I did some thinking and I've worked up several good, non parent/childhood, stories.  Don't get me wrong, you'll hear more childhood stories and stuff about my parents.  I haven't told you about when my brother and I first got phones in our rooms or the first time my dad tried edamame.  Trust me, their worth it, but I wanted to broaden my story base.  Today's is short, given the long winded apology/explanation above, I figured you were about done with reading.
"Tessa 1" - McKinney, Texas
This is Tessa and she belongs to my friend Janice.  Pepper and I walk with Janice and Tessa almost every day.  The other day we were meeting for an after work walk.  It took me a little longer than expected to get home, so I rushed in and let Pepper out while I ran to the bathroom to change and for a, um, "visit" before the walk.  Janice and Tessa got to my house about the time I got into the bathroom.  Pepper went nuts!  Labs are a bouncy breed, but for a big, black lab Pepper is a very vertical dog.  So Pepper's out there barking her fool head off, jumping up and down so that she can see over the gate, Janice is trying to get the giant, black yo-yo to quit crashing into the gate so that she can get in the backyard, Tessa has joined in the barking chorus and is trying to dig under the gate, all of the other dogs in the immediate vicinity have now been set off and are barking wildly like the world is coming to an end, and I'm in the bathroom yelling out the cracked door at Pepper to "leave it" and "hush," both of which are not at all effective in this situation.  Yep, I'm an awesome dog parent.
"Tessa 2" - McKinney, Texas
*"Gomphrena 'Fireworks" is for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.  I will need to check with Janice before selling "Tessa 1," and "Tessa 2".

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