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I'm sure I've mentioned my parents' dogs, Max and Sophie before.  If not it is a MAJOR oversight on my part and through the course of this blog I'm sure you'll be hearing about them a lot.  Today I want to share a funny store about each of these great dogs.
"Journey" - McKinney, Texas

Doesn't this photo look like Max and Sophie are about to begin an epic journey?  What was actually happening was mom and I were trying to herd the dogs to the backyard and Max was trying to get away from Sophie.  She had just finished climbing all over him as he lay napping in the front yard.  I've got a picture or two of Max's suffering that I'll share another time.
Max is my father's dog, a giant, yellow lab lapdog.  Seriously, he's 90 pounds and thinks he's the size of a cat or a puppy!  Max is getting pretty old now, but he used to try and climb in your lap whenever he could.  He had this trick where he would lean into your kneecaps until he dumped you over and then he would sit on you.  Max is the biggest sweetheart, truly a gentle giant.
"Reigning" - McKinney, Texas
This photo is Max surveying his domain (mom and dad's backyard).  Max loves to "hunt" squirrels.  There used to be a squirrel that would taunt Max mercilessly.  We called the squirrel FatBoy because he was rather rotund from eating all of Mom's birdseed.  Well FatBoy would wait until we let Max out into the backyard and then he would climb down the trunk of a tree until he was about two feet off the ground.  He would chatter and flip his tail, anything to get Max's attention.  Max would slowly creep across the backyard.  Remember the tip toe, crouch walk that Elmer Fudd would do when "hunting wabbits?"  Now picture a giant, bright yellow lab doing that across the backyard.  It was hysterical!  FatBoy would let Max get a couple feet from the tree before he moved just out of Max's reach.  Max would bark and FatBoy would chatter and they would do it all again the next day.  Max had to leave FatBoy behind when my parents moved, but he has tried to make friends at the new house...with a did not end well for Max or for my dad who had to take care of the eye melting stink.

Sophie is my mom's dog and she is a handful.  Dad says that she's part kangaroo, which may well be the case because she hardly ever has all four feet on the floor at the same time.  The pictures above and below are from almost a year ago when Sophie was cute and little and it wasn't like being hit by a linebacker every time she hurled herself at you.  Oh yeah, that cute, little puppy grew into a 70+ pound brown cannonball that loves to greet you at the door by running at you full tilt and leaping at your chest/face.  For some reason Sophie is certain that if she doesn't get right up in your face you won't notice her.  Don't get me wrong, she's a sweet dog, she just tries her best to take you out with all her sweetness.
"Dejected" - McKinney, Texas
Isn't she so cute?  Don't let the photo fool you, she was/is not a mellow puppy.  I happened to get a shot of her sulking because mom and I had hooked her leash to a chair so that we could move some of mom's large pots around without quite so much help.  Sophie was such a cute, little puppy that you couldn't help but pick her up all the time.  There was always a price to pay.  Sophie would snuggle up to you for a few minutes, lulling you into a false sense of security, and then she would try to bite your cheek or neck or shoulder.  It was like having a little vampire dog!  She just wanted you to play with her and she was incapable of holding still for very long.  Sophie's bites didn't break the skin, but she had those little, puppy, needle teeth, so it was a shock no matter how hard she did or did not bite you.  My brother used to do the same thing when he was little and I could hardly contain myself when he came for a visit and Sophie bit him.  I was laughing hysterically and kept saying,"See, now you know what it's like!"  Jensen did not think it was funny.  Apparently Martha Stewart bites her dogs to show them she's the alpha.  I kept telling my mom that she needed to bite Sophie, but she never did.  So we all learned to be satisfied with a brief snuggle and then quickly getting your face out of vampire dog range.  And luckily Sophie outgrew that phase.  Now you just have to watch out for brown cannonballs.

Do you have any fun dog stories to share?

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