And the Iris germanica are blooming...

I don't know about where you guys are, but here spring has sprung and gone and we are running headlong into summer.  We got two days or so of real spring like weather before hurtling into the 70s and 80s.  Yep, 80s in April.  I really live in the wrong part of the country.  I know its fall for those of you in the southern hemisphere.  I'm talking to my friend James in Oz.  (You embarrassed yet James?)

"Iris germanica 1" - McKinney, Texas

My trusty little point and shoot is headed on a fabulous European vacation without me.  Hardly seems fair does it?  My aunt lost her camera several years ago when the family came to visit me when I was living in New Zealand.  This past Christmas Aunty Betty was hauling around a disposable camera which is just sad.  I was talking about getting new cameras and asked if she wanted my old point and shoot.  It's a great little camera and I have really enjoyed it, but I'm working on upgrading my equipment and I wouldn't get much at all on it as a trade in.  It might as well go to someone who needs and wants it.  Plus, the loosing her camera thing is fairly rare and my aunt takes care of her things, so I'm sending it to a good home.  With the rapidly warming weather McKinney is covered in irises.  Every color imaginable, not black, though apparently there are black irises.  These short lived stunning blooms are out in full force and I have been running around taking pictures of all of them before shipping my camera up north.

"Iris germanica 4" - McKinney, Texas

On the way to work I decided to stop and take some pictures of the irises in front of some neighbors' houses.  I pulled over to the far right side of the street and ran across to the flowers I was after.  I bent over and got two pictures taken when I heard a lady's voice behind me and turned around.  There was a woman hanging out of the window of the house behind me.  She asked if I knew Don.  I said no because I assumed she was talking about the home owner and I don't actually know the people in that particular house.  In a stern motherly tone she then said, "Well alright then.  Let's leave those alone, they are on Don's property."  It took me a beat to figure out what she was talking about and the goody two shoes in me almost had a heart attack.  My head was instantly assaulted with images of the police being called.  What would the charges be?  I said I was just taking pictures.  She blushed and her voice immediately got much friendlier as she apologized and explained that she thought I was cutting the flowers.  "Oh no, just pictures," and I went back to my photography smiling.  Seriously, are there roving bands of grandmas sneaking around cutting peoples' irises?  I guess it would more likely be kids, but it's more fun to picture a band of grandmas with the walkers and wheelchairs trying to be stealthy as they casually mow down the neighborhood flowers.
"Iris germanica 2" - McKinney, Texas

If I had not been bent over and was just standing on the edge of Don's property taking pictures I could understand cause for concern about the camera, but I'm still a little iffy on what this woman seemed to think was a rampant enough problem in the neighborhood that she had to stand guard by her window.  I was right across the street from my bright, red car with its hazards on.  Plus it was 8 something in the morning, not very stealth.  I would have to be one of the worst robbers in the world if that was my plan.  Wander by the target in broad daylight taking pictures with my super noticeable car and my license plate on full display, before cutting down poor Don's iris with complete disregard.
"Iris germanica 3" - McKinney, Texas

So, keep an eye out for the wily grandmas' and their blatant disregard for flower ownership in your neighborhood and I'll post more "illegal" iris pictures. :)

*"Iris germanica 1," "Iris germanica 2," "Iris germanica 3," and "Iris germanica 4" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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