Exploring the Cosmos, sulphureus and bipinnatus that is

Today I'm sharing the Cosmos sulphureus and bipinnatus with you.

"Cosmos sulphureus 1" - McKinney, Texas
These great little flowers are technically annuals, but they reseed themselves, so they act a bit like perennials.  They can migrate, depending on wind, slope, etc.  Mine were in a bed that sloped down toward my driveway, so they slowly made their way down to the drive and started coming up in the cracks before I transplanted them.  For someone with a masters in landscape architecture I have made some questionable planting choices.  It's like when a great hairdresser doesn't have any time for his/her own hair.  Not that I'm saying I'm a great landscape designer, but I don't always make the time for my own yard.  I've gone a bit off target and this ramblely road was leading to the fact that the first time I planted the Cosmos sulphureus I was about a month late in getting them seeded and held out little hope that much of anything would happen.  But they did great for about three years.  I transplanted them last fall, so we'll see what sort of seeding they did in their new home.
"Cosmos bipinnatus 1" - McKinney, Texas
My plant beds were not prepped particularly well.  I'll fall on my sword for my questionable timing when planting, but not the poor bed prep, that one wasn't me.  It has meant an ongoing battle with weeds and grass, not to mention the several little pecan trees that my neighbors' tree keeps trying to start.  Finally last year I decided to paper mulch which has really cut down on the unwanted invaders.  (My friend and I have started a gardening group called the Garden Girls.  We're starting a blog and we'll share about paper mulching there if anyone has interested.  But, since this is supposed to be a photography and art blog, and I tend to wander off topic enough when left to my own devises, I'll spare you the details on paper mulching.)  When my mom and I tackled the paper mulching the cosmos were just about ready for their second flowering of the season.  We didn't want to cover them up, but there was a fair amount of grass mixed in with them and going around each little plant was out of the question!  Plus at that point the seeds had migrated down so close to the drive it was like the plants were trying to make a break for it!  So I dug up as many plants as I could, these babies come up really easily, and we replanted them in several pots.  I've started to see some new growth in some of my other pots, so I think they decided to expand their territory a bit.  I'll put in some photos of the new growth because the first time I seeded them I pulled up several of the juvenile plants before I figured out they weren't weeds! 

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