Little Disappointed in my UnCommon Goods

I was out of town last week with my mom in Roundtop.  If you don't know about Roundtop, don't feel bad, I didn't either, though I don't know that I'm the compass anyone should be relying on.  Roundtop is this huge artisan, crafter, furniture, antiques, junk sales extravaganza that stretches through several small towns in Texas twice a year.  There is everything under the sun that you could possibly want or need!  I'll tell you about the trip and share some photos on Thursday.  Today I want to share a bit of disappointment in myself.

"Ostespermum Pastel Orange mm1"

Uncommon Goods was having an art contest that ended last night.  I heard about it through the Jealous Curator's blog.  Uncommon Goods, if you don't know, is a fun catalog that specializes in the unique and items created by a variety of artists, so it's right up my alley.  Seriously, today their website has been taken over by cats!  How great are these guys?

"Gerbera jamesonii mm2"
Anyway, I got all excited about entering the art contest and came up with what I thought would be a pretty fun series of pieces.  (They didn't want photos.)  I took 3 of my photos, converted them to black and white, upped the contrast, and then printed them out on scrape book paper with several different designs.  I then cut out the petals and such, fitting the photos back together with the different designs for each of the layers.  I mentioned Roundtop above for two reasons: 1) I worked on these pieces while I was on vacation, which is basically sacrilege, working while on vacation, but I was motivated by the contest and my pieces and 2) several of my friends know that I went to Roundtop and are expecting pictures/information about my trip and I wanted them to know that it was forth coming.

"Gerbera jamesonii mm1"
I think that the pieces turned out pretty cool, one in particular.  I get them all done Saturday and plan on scanning them, making whatever color adjustments need to be made, and then sending the images in on Sunday.  Well, my first hiccup comes when I try to scan the 12 x 12 inch scrapbook sheets and my over sized printer/scanner/copier can't quite take a page that big.  Oh, it can print giant prints, but chokes on 12 inch scans.  Not a huge problem, I got the paper cutter from the office and cut the pieces down a bit so that they will fit in the scanner and try again.  I should mention that this is the first time that I have tried to use the printer for anything besides printing and it took me a while to figure the scanner settings out, up everything to the highest quality, curse that I couldn't scan from the bed and had to use the document feeder on top, etc., etc..  I also spent part of Sunday morning at church, the rest dying deviled eggs (yep, you read that right, dying deviled eggs), and then a good portion of the afternoon/evening having Easter dinner and fun with family and friends.  I did not plan this well.  So, I get my pieces cut down to a size that the scanner can take but then it chokes on the thickness of the paper.  Because I cut out each piece it's really only two scape book pages, plus glue thick I assumed it would not be a problem, but we all know what happens when we assume...I work with the pieces so that they are a bit more flexible and finally get them to go through the scanner...or so I thought.  When the scans show up on the computer you can see that the scanner got hung up at various points and sped through others.  So all of the scans are a little warped and not fit to send it for a contest.  No worries, bust out the digital camera.  I will send in photos, make what I know will be the necessary changes due to flash blow out, and figure out when I can get big scans made later.  At this point we have long since past 9 p.m. and are hurdling toward 10 Central and the 11:59 Eastern deadline.  Halfway through taking several photos of the second piece I realize that I can take as many photos as I want, but I have left my card reader at the office and have no way of getting the images off my camera!  Yep, yep, good times.
"Deco Poppies 1"

I ended up sending in the digital drawings that I did for the logos of my landscape business and my art and photography.  I had planned on sending them in along with the other pieces, so at least I was able to send in something and now I can share the other pieces with you.  I'm thinking that I'll use the pieces that I made for the Uncommon Goods contest and work them into a bigger piece for the McKinney Art Guild competition due later this month.  I'm working of turning my lemon of a Sunday into lemonade.  It's still a little bitter, but hopefully it will get sweeter as the week goes on.
"Deco Poppies 2"
*"Ostespermum Pastel Orange mm1," "Gerbera jamesonii mm2," "Gerbera jamesonii mm1," "Deco Poppies 1," and "Deco Poppies 2" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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