Round Top and Forgotten Toys

Hello everyone, finally here is Round Top...well, some of what caught my attention anyway.  (By the way, apparently there is a space between Round and Top, sorry Round Top.)

"Ages 5 & 8 Dump Trucks" - Round Top, Texas

Like I mentioned in Little Disappointed in my UnCommon Goods, Round Top is an event that happens twice a year where everybody and their grandmother descends upon several small towns southeast of Austin.  Technically Round Top is one of the small towns involved in this buying and selling extravaganza, but for people who know about it, if you say you're going to Round Top they'll know what you're talking about.  I'm not all together sure if the event actually has a name.  I found "Antique Show" on the Round Top Area Chamber of Commerce page.  It should be called "The Mother of All Garage Sales!"  Since we are all now in the know, we're just going to call it Round Top.

"Age 8 Dump Truck" - Round Top, Texas

There is a HUGE range of item spread out over 30 or so miles of Texas 237 N.  Now, if you're thinking, "30 miles isn't a big deal, I could do that in a day," you're not thinking about the miles and miles of winding booths at each stop!  My mom and I figure we walked 15 to 20 miles one day and we only did one side of the street in one town, and really not even the whole town!  Just one section of the town, granted it was a pretty big section, but still, not even the whole town!  It's crazy!  You had vendors with scrap metal, old toys, antiques, "antiques," every item of furniture you could possibly want and some you have NEVER seen before, costume jewelry, handmade jewelry, dishes, pieces of art, every configuration of upcycled goods, and so much more.
"Age 6 Car, Wagon, and Tractor" - Warrenton, Texas

I love rusted metal, so I was drawn to all of the old metal toys.  I decided to start a collection called "Forgotten Toys."  It will include photos of various items that someone has loved and then forgotten.  We're starting with the toys I found at Round Top.  The names are based on the ages that I think a child might have gotten this item.
"Age 5 Dump Truck" - Round Top, Texas

There was a gentleman who had a booth in an area north of Round Top who had upcycled all sorts of things.  The best was a mid-century vacuum cleaner that he had turned into a rocket car!  It was awesome!  I felt like I could take pictures of the piles of "treasures" that people were selling, but it seemed like an intrusion to take a picture of someone else's work of art, in particular since I had no intention of buying the too cool for school rocket car with the big price tag.  You'll just have to use your imagination.  Fredda does makes fun creatures, robots, and space men out of odd bits and pieces.  Maybe she'll let me share some of her treasures with you.

Do you have a "Forgotten Toy" you wish hadn't been forgotten?

*"Ages 5 & 8 Dump Trucks," "Age 8 Dump Truck," "Age 6 Car, Wagon, and Tractor," and "Age 5 Dump Truck" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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