Field Day!

Only one post this week, so I'd better make it good, right?

"A Refreshing Break" - McKinney, Texas

Last week I helped out at a local elementary school's Field Day.  I walked around with a fun class of fifth graders as they had a ton of fun on two blow up slides, water relay races, tug o' war, a ball toss game, foot races, relay races, an obstical course, and so much more.
"Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Up The Slide We Go" - McKinney, Texas

I would love to share more photos from the event, but, according to school rules, I can't show any of the kids faces.  It's too bad because the kids actually helped me take some photos and they are hillarious!  None of these kids are camera shy and they all turned into big hams with their friends behind the camera.
"Concentration and Cheerleading" - McKinney, Texas

The lady in the background of the photo above is my friend Janice, Tessa's owner.
"Winning With a Little Help" - McKinney, Texas

It was really warm and muggy at Field Day.  I think that my brain has been in survival mode about the weather down here.  While, traditionally April and May are a bit cooler (except for the super late freeze we got this year) it has also been hotter.  I have been going on and on about how it's already in the 80s (we're actually heading into the 90s fast), but 2 years ago we were already in the 90s headed towards 100 degrees and up during the most miserable summer ever!
"My Turn" - McKinney, Texas

So I need to be appreciating the 80s while they last and stop being a whiner.  It's a very unattractive quality.
"Ready, Set, Go!" - McKinney, Texas

I remember my Field Days being a bit more like a track even with long jumps and races.  I think I would have been beside myself if we had had, not one, but two giant blow up slides!
"Show Me Your Muscles 1" - McKinney, Texas

This last photo is one of my favorites!  I wish the teach had not been standing right behind his head.  (I was too focused on getting his photo before he moved to notice the teacher.  I swear these kids hardly stopped moving!)  But what a little show off!  I love it!
"Show Me Your Muscles 2" - McKinney, Texas

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