How Does An Allium Remind Me Of My Brother?

Another one post week...I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't really like super hot weather.  I know, I'm subtle about my whining.  I try not to be a complainer. :)  As the impending heat approaches, the lovely spring flowers that we enjoyed for our week or two of spring here have gone.  Making way for summer flowers (there really are a few masochistic flowering plants that like the heat here) and the inevitable brown crispy things that most plants turn into during Texas summers.  Alliums are such a spring flower, but look at how fun they are even after the blooms are gone!

"Allium 2" - McKinney, Texas

This makes me think about my brother.  Don't get me wrong, I liked Jensen even when he was a spring flower, but it's fun learning about him as an adult.  I use the word like because of course I love Jensen, he's my brother, but I also actually really like/love Jensen as a person.  I'm pretty sure we'd be friends even if he wasn't my brother.  Well, I would want to be friends with Jensen at least, hopefully he can say the same about me.  (Jen, this is your cue to tell me what an awesome sister I am and of course we'd be friends because I am the coolest and not at all needy or insecure or whiny about hot weather.)

Jensen and I have always gotten along, even as kids.  I think that my parents did a really amazing job making sure that I was very involved when Jensen was a baby so that I didn't get jealous.  To the point that they let me hug on him while I had chicken pox because "I love the baby so much!"  Needless to say baby Jensen got chicken pox thanks to his huggie big sister and that kind of ruined his christening.  We had to have a private ceremony and the photographer had to do a lot of retouching on the photos.  Luckily the photographer was a family friend and Jensen never got chicken pox again so he doesn't even remember the unbearable itching!
"Allium 1" - McKinney, Texas

I have to find the appropriate photos to go with this story and double check with Jensen before I tell it, but stay tuned for The Tale of Jensen's Revenge: a story about a little boy, his big sister, and the time he peed in her closet.  It will make you wonder why I liked him so much when we were younger.  I'm having a little trouble figuring out what photos I have that go with a story about peeing...maybe something yellow or is that too on the noise?

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