Papaver somniferum var. paeoniiflorum Poppies tomorrow

I have a fondness for poppies.  You might have gathered that considering that my logo is a poppy, but what you probably don't know is that I have poppy welcome maps, a poppy business card holder that my aunt gave me, a poppy glass that my friend gave me, a poppy shirt, I could go on.  My whole house isn't poppies, I like too many different things for that, but I am quite fond of poppies.  That being said, my friend Fredda, from my Fredda's Garden post, has these spectacular pink poppies right now!  I'll share one photo with you today and more tomorrow.  There are some new ones that I want to get a picture of as well.  How fun are these guys?

"Papaver somniferum var. paeoniiflorum 1" - McKinney, Texas

How fun are these guys?  Come back tomorrow for more photos!

*"Papaver somniferum var. paeoniiflorum 1" is for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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