Full Moon, Onion Bloom, and a Mishap with the Sewing Machine

That almost rhymes...well, not really.

Last Saturday and Sunday was, not only a full moon, but also the closet that the moon will be to earth this year!  I got this information from my mom who got it from who knows where.  My parents are encyclopedias of strange and mostly useless information.  Don't worry you won't find any of that here.  Since my parents live outside of town I decided that there would be much better viewing and possible photo taking at their house.

"Full Moon 1" - McKinney, Texas

I headed over early to borrow my mother's sewing machine for what was supposed to be a quick and simple project.  I'm redoing the fabric on a sewing box that was my grandmother's.  My grandmother was a wonderful seamstress and my mother is holding her own in quilting, not to mention all of the adorable clothes she made me as a kid.  I think this talent/skill skipped me.

First mistake: I assumed that the "fat quarters" of fabric (an 18" x 22" piece of fabric) was squared off.  It was not.  This meant that the pieces I cut were not exactly square.  Since this box is just for me and I don't plan on letting anyone near it with a magnifying glass and a ruler, I am not that concerned.  It does make me wonder how quilters get anything to line up right though.  I was really admiring my mom's cutting skills at that point.  So, I got my not really rectangles rectangles cut and went to sew them together.
"Full Moon 2" - McKinney, Texas

Second mistake: The frugal greenie in me cut the thread too close.  Apparently you're supposed to have a fair amount of thread at your starting end.  Otherwise the machine will choke, there will be a mass of thread in very odd configurations on the backside of your material and the thread on the frontside will cut and run for the hill.  This is exactly what happened to me.

Third mistake: I tried to rethread the needle.  Since the top thread broke, it seemed like an easy fix, thread it back through the needle.  I mean it was just hanging there.  It hadn't fully retreated into the machine.  Oh, but that's what it did when I tried to use it the second time.  The top thread fully decided that I was a dangerous individual and, after helping to make another mess of tons of thread on the backside of my material, broke and whipped all the way back up into the machine!  My mom came in and fixed the machine for me.  She was out doing yardwork and was not too thrilled to hear that I was doing my best to break her sewing machine before I even succeeded in actually getting something sewn.
"Allium cepa 1" - McKinney, Texas

Fourth mistake: Finally the machine was working and I was sewing...sort of.  My lines are rather crooked on my not square material, which I've decided cancels each other out.  So I'm sewing along and all of a sudden the bottom spool runs out of thread!  Seriously!  I got 1 and 2/3rd seams done...out of 8!  There's a little door on the base of mom's machine.  I could see the hinges and the empty bobbin, but I could not get the stupid thing open.  Since I was doing so well so far I didn't want to push too many buttons, I did push a few, who wouldn't, it's impossible not too, but I figured it was just a matter of time before I broke the whole machine if I didn't walk away.  So I walked away.  I walked all the way outside and whined to my mom that the machine was out of thread.  She came in and fixed it, begrudgingly showed me how to open the bobbin door, I think she knows that her machine was close to jumping out the window to get away from me, and I finished my sewing project.  It's all a bit wonky and some of the corners meet up a bit strangely, but I got it done!  Thank you mom!

*"Full Moon 1," "Full Moon 2," and "Allium cepa 1" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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