A Sad Farewell to the Happiest Dog on the Planet

It was a sad weekend for my family as we had to say goodbye to our gentle giant, Max.

We got Max when he was about a year old.  He was supposed to come over for a day to see how he did with our other dog, but he was just such a perfect fit that my dad decided that no thinking was necessary, Max was staying for good.

Max adored our chocolate lab Sadie.  He followed her around like a puppy from the day he arrived until the sad day when Sadie passed.

He was never far from his favorite girl, even after she died.  We buried Sadie on my mom and dad's property and planted a vitex, which we, no mental leap necessary, call Sadie's Tree.  Max spent a fair amount of time laying under that tree.
Max now has a special spot on my parents' property and we will plant a tree for him in the fall.

Max, you gave us more happiness and love than we could every return.  You made our lives better.  We will miss you.  All of our love.

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