Blech, Boards, and Gerberas...What a Week

I couldn't tell you why but I'm feeling kind of blech.  (There's a face that goes with that last word.  You know the one you make when you eat something gross: nose squishes up, lips pull back in a grimace, and your tongue comes out in your best Jean Simmons impression, minus the makeup.  You know...blech.  I don't think that you can say the word without making the face.)  No, nothing particularly bad has happened.  We have been trying to get a second internet line into the office and that has been no end of frustrating.  But looking back it's been an ok week: busy but not insane, nothing exciting or devastating, but still blech.  Actually, one bright spot this week was Wednesday evening.  The town that I live in is conducting interview for several city boards.  There are boards for everything and I applied for four: Main Street, Arts Commission, Parks and Rec, and Historic Preservation.  I honestly don't think I have a snowballs chance in..well, you know.  (I'm trying to make sure that this blog is kid friendly.  After the story about my brother using my closet as an outhouse, 12 year old boys may be my new target audience.  I'm keeping my options open.)

"Gerbera jamesonii 2" - Dallas Arboretum
Anyway, there were several very qualified people at my first two interviews (Main Street and Arts Commission), so I don't know that I'll get picked for anything but I am enjoying the process.  I think that I have an interesting perspective, but then again, I'm sure no one really thinks that their perspective is "follow the leader," "monkey see, monkey do," "middle of the road," so I don't know that that statement has as much value as I really want it to.  Let's come up with something else...I'm kinda nosy, I like to talk, and, even if I don't always express it, I have an opinion on most everything.  Somehow, that does not have the positive ring that "unique perspective" does.  Maybe I'll stick with that.

My blech week made me think of this gerbera daisy.  It looks a little worse for wear: the petals are splotchy and the disk and trans florets are a muddy mix of dirt white and brown.  (Yep, I made up a color: dirt white.  It's not exactly light brown, but that unique color that white turns when it gets dirty.)  But that's what makes it beautiful.  It has character.  It's unique.  I'm hoping that I'm the splotchy, muddy gerbera of these board interviews.  We all want to be the gerbera, don't we?  We'll see.

*"Gerbera jamesonii 2" is for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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