Another What?

I found these as I was clearing out and organizing the images on my various SD cards.  They fit with Monday's strange horse photo, so I thought I'd share.

"What? 2" - McKinney, Texas

Isn't he a beauty?
"What? 3" - McKinney, Texas
I am making an assumption that this dog is a male.  It's based on his size and wonderful blocky head, but I am painfully aware (see Sophie, the brown cannon ball) that there are also very large females dogs.  I am also assuming that the owner of this dog and the truck upon which he sits is a male because...well, because I'm female and I can't image letting my dog do this.  I really do not have any other good rational.
"What? 4" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, as I was driving home from work in the middle of last July I saw this fuzzy thing on top of a truck that I could have sworn was a dog, but who would put their dog on top of their truck especially in the middle of July?  So I circled around the square in downtown McKinney (all one way streets) and found a place to park so that I could check out the fuzzy thing.  I, of course, had to call my dad who was still at the office and my mom because I knew she'd think it was funny.  As I walked up, there he was, regal, reigning supreme from his perch atop his truck, it was totally a dog!  I smiled, shook my head, and took several pictures.  This big boy did not seem fazed by me at all.  There were other people that came up too, he never barked or acted like he was going to jump off the roof, just looked around waiting for his owner to come back.  My dog would have hopped off the roof the second the first person walked by, but only after she did a thorough tap dance on my roof and possibly broke the sunroof in the process.  And that's why Pepper stays in the car where she belongs.

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