Not a Farmer, but a Fan

I am a city girl born and raised.  Now McKinney is not a booming metropolis by any means, but I grew up in Dallas, then moved to San Antonio and Austin.  All decent size cities.  McKinney is different.  There is a downtown and it does take up more than a block, but there are fields of this or that growing up just outside the city limits. I have learned to embrace small town living.  McKinney has and is in close proximity to a plethora of amenities while maintaining that small town charm.  I am, however, by no stretch of the imagination a country girl, and therefor I have no information on this tractor other than the fact that I have driven past it many times and always cursed myself for not having my camera.  Well, no more!  I got pictures of this rusty beauty this weekend as Pepper and I left a doggie play date at my parents'.

"Farmall Tractor 1" - McKinney, Texas
I did live in this REALLY small town in New Zealand that consisted of two restaurants (one was a fish and chips, so no where to sit), a grocery, a pharmacy, a magazine shop, and for some reason I'm thinking there was a travel agency too.  There may have been another odd business or two, but the whole thing occupied a block!  Yes, one block!  Oh, and then there was the university.  And the whole thing was surrounded by farmland.  Serious culture shock.
"Farmall Tractor 2" - McKinney, Texas
While living in New Zealand I can to the firm conclusion that I would be the worst farmer's wife.  For such a small country there are a ton of farms, so it wasn't my most random unsubstantiated thought ever.  Reasons I would make a terrible farmer's wife:
1) They don't have barns in New Zealand.  Wait first, they call everything a farm, so a lot of what we would call a ranch in the US, they call a farm.  Ok, so most of the farms didn't have barns, but I would have to have a barn.  I mean where else are your animals going to go when it rains?
2) None of the animals could be killed to eat or sold to someone that was going to kill it.  Yeah, I eat meat, but I don't want to meet it first!  I'm pretty sure this is the main reason that no farmer would want to marry me, but...
3) I'm not particularly interested in getting up at the crack of dawn to feed and water a million animals.  My cat and dog are plenty and I'm lucky because they like to sleep in too!  Honestly Pepper doesn't get up in the morning until she is certain that I'm not going to get back in bed.
"Farmall Tractor 3" - McKinney, Texas

I would, however, love to drive one of those pieces of farm equipment with the 6 foot tall wheels.  I have NO idea what any of it does, but...If there is anyone out there with giant farming equipment who is brave enough to give me the keys, drop me a line!

*"Farmall Tractor 1", "Farmall Tractor 2," and "Farmall Tractor 3" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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