What? 1

"What? 1" - McKinney, Texas

This photo is one of the 4th of July photos I opted not to share initially.  It's not a great layout (I'm not crazy about how the back horse is situated) and then the front horse is doing this strange thing with it's mouth, but I just think it's funny.  Apparently I had never given much thought to the dental setup of horses because this looks so wrong to me.  I knew that horses didn't have teeth that went all the way back in their jaw, but I did think that they had more than this!  And the poor horse was really unhappy with it's bit.  The whole time it was passing me it was working on that bit, pulling it's lips back and clicking it's teeth, and drooling just a tad.  Reminds me of the headgear I had in elementary school.  I feel your pain horsey!

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