A Winey Cat Bed

So I haven't finished the chair yet because...well, frankly, I can't face it.  I can't tell you how many times I accidentally stabbed myself in the leg with the screw driver I was using to pry out the staples.  No permanent damage, but I thought I'd work on something a little safer, my cat bed.
"Cat Bed Before" - McKinney, Texas
I had already finished cutting the panel out of the box and attaching the feet.  And remember, oh my a month ago!, in Bees, Bees, and More Apis mellifera, when I bragged about sewing a zipper in my new cat bed and successfully not sewing it to myself or any furniture.  Well, my cat has decided that she likes to sleep in enclosed spaces, so I finished off the bed with a canopy.  All said I used a wooden wine box, 4 wooden, screw-on feet I bought at Lowe's, 2 pillow cushions, and some decorative poles that my parents had.  There are nails and washers and such too, oh, and I filled the bed with stuffing that I made by cutting up old clothes that had stains or holes so they couldn't be donated.
"Cat Bed After" - McKinney, Texas
What do you think?  The light in the "After" picture is rather harsh, I apologize.

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