Bad Labor Day Pun

So I spent my long weekend <insert bad Labor Day pun here, something about laboring and the true meaning of Labor Day, the more irritating the better>, how about you?

"Chair Before" - McKinney, Texas
I had intended on posting a before and after for this chair of mine that I wanted to recover this weekend, but oh man!  Whoever recovered this thing last made sure that the upholstery was natural disaster proof!
"Chair After 1" - McKinney, Texas

I spent 5 hours and only got the seat off and all of those staples out, some structural work on the seat, half of the back off, but only a quarter of those staples.  After I get all two million staples out I'm going to strip, sand, and refinish the wood before recovering the seat in turquoise and the back in this stripped fabric.  I'll post a finished After photo when I'm finally done.

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