More Balloons, Cars, and Birthdays

So, we survived the arrival of the bro and Friday night we all went out to dinner as the first of several birthday meals for dad.  The food was good.  The restaurant didn't have the wine that dad ordered, but they made a very nice substitution.  And the evening ended with the following conversation between two young children in the ladies' room.

"Balloon Aircraft 9" - Plano, Texas
The little girl was about 7 and was swishing with the mouthwash that the restaurant provided in the restroom.  She was making the most hilarious faces!  I think she only gargled for 10 seconds before spiting the mouthwash out and making more faces.  Her younger brother then comes bursting out of a stall demanding to know what she's doing.
"1939 Cadillac 1" - Plano, Texas
"Mom told me to rinse my mouth with mouthwash because it was all cheesecakey."  More faces.  She kept running her tongue across her front teeth and squishing her nose.
Her brother started jumping up and down saying, "I want some.  My mouth is cheesecakey.  Does it taste like gum?  Did you swallow it?  Does it taste like toothpaste?  Did you brush your teeth?"  There was more, but it was all that warp speed chatter that only children all hopped up on sugar can achieve, so I couldn't honestly tell you what the rest of it was.  I do think that monkeys were mentioned at one point though.
"Balloon Aircraft 10" - Plano, Texas
The little girl yanked her little cup of mouthwash away from her brother and announced, "No, you don't want any.  It makes your tongue all numb and it doesn't taste good."
At this point she sees me grinning at them like a big goof because I am barely holding it together, they are so funny.  Plus I imagine that the bro and I had very similar conversations when we were little.
She very earnestly turned to me and said, "But it does.  It makes your tongue numb!"
"1935 Ford 1" - Plano, Texas
I smiled, nodded and left the restroom quickly because it seemed impolite to laugh like a maniac in the ladies room.
"1939 Ford 1" - Plano, Texas
Next week I'll actually tell you about the car show and hot air balloons.  I intend to set up a gallery for my antique car photos, there are about a million, so check back next week.  I'll also be sharing some Oktoberfest photos that I will be taking this weekend!
"Balloon Aircraft 11" - Plano, Texas

*"Balloon Aircraft 9," "1939 Cadillac 1," "Balloon Aircraft 10," "1935 Ford 1," "1939 FOrd 1," and "Balloon Aircraft 11" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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