Final Balloons, Cars, and Birthdays...For This Year At Least

I know, I know, I'm a day late.  I am in the middle of moving a legal office to a new city, my car was hit and is in the shop so I'm having to rely on friends and family for rides, all while my house is being leveled and painted!  I have NO idea how I get myself into these messes where almost every aspect of my life is being disrupted at the same time!!!  Some of us are just lucky I guess.

"Balloon Aircraft 12" - Plano, Texas

Ok, on to more fun things: The final installment of dad's birthday weekend!

"1939 Cadillac GM 1" - Plano, Texas
Saturday morning, earlyish, mom and dad went to help set up the car show and get people registered.  I, having stayed up WAY to late the night before, dragged myself out of bed at a WAY to early 8 o'clock to walk dogs with my friend Janice.  You met Janice before, she's Tessa's mom.  After the walk I got Pepper settled in and went to pick up the bro to go to the car show.  My dad is always so excited about these car shows and he was thrilled that we were planning on going, so not going was not an option even though the couch was calling my name and I'm pretty sure that I fell asleep for a few minutes standing up in the shower.  Due to the weather (dum dum dum) the car show had to be moved to a church parking lot near the Balloon Festival.  If it hadn't been move they would have had no cars because these guys are VERY protective of their cars.  A muddy field and the possibility of their baby getting stuck, oh no, not for these die hards.  As it was there were something like 80 to 100 cars!  It was a sea of beautiful curves, bright colors, and chrome.  I think the bro lapped me about 3 times as I slowly made my way around the parking lot taking a million photos.  The bro had a few cars that he requested that I take photos of, but for the most part the million photos was all me.  Yep, I'm a little insane like that.
"Balloon Aircraft 13" - Plano, Texas
After, what seemed like forever, that only turned out to be two hours, I had finally got to the last row.  The bro came up and announced that it was 1:30 p.m. and he was hungry, but we had to make sure that we were there at the end of the show, an hour and a half later!, for the big raffle which he was certain he was going to win.  We went to a nearby bakery and grab sandwiches for the bro, dad, and myself.  (Mom had left earlier to take the brown cannonball to dog school.)  When we got back to the show we pulled out the sandwiches and realized that we had been given the wrong order!  I was not a happy girl, but the person that I really feel sorry for is the person that order a giant turkey sandwich and ended up with my veggie sandwich instead.  After the raffle, that my brother didn't win, we headed home, cooked a fabulous dinner (birthday meal #2 for dad's birthday, if you're keeping track and don't count lunch, which I don't because mom wasn't there and we were standing up eating over a cooler), and watched something funny but I can't remember what on TV until WAY too late.  Staying up too late seems to be a bad pattern in this story, doesn't it?  You would think I would learn...
"1950 Buick Custom 1" - Plano, Texas
It was all my idea, but the next morning at 7 when everyone showed up at my house to go to the last balloon launch of the Plano Balloon Festival, I was REALLY wishing I was capable of keeping my big, fat mouth shut!  I am not and we got to see some beautiful balloons.  There did not seem to be as many balloons this year as last year, but the ones that were there were fabulous!  They had a winged pig with sunglasses, an angry bird, the little old lady that lived in the shoe, a butterfly, a pirate, all of the beautiful traditional balloons, and more!  (I plan on adding galleries with more photos soon.  I have to get through all of the crazy first.)
"Balloon Aircraft 14" - Plano, Texas
After the balloons we all went back to mom and dad's to make breakfast (birthday meal #3).  Mom then decided to put us all to work.  We planted two trees for Max near the woods he loved at my parents' house.  Pepper decided that she would watch us from under a giant evergreen, so I got my Christmas shot for this year.  And Sophie decided to make an impromptu, and unauthorized, visit to the neighbors' which got her tied to the gator so she wouldn't wander off again.  The day ended with everyone taking naps and the bro flying back to New York.  It was a great weekend!

*"Balloon Aircraft 12," "1939 Cadillac GM 1," "Balloon Aircraft 13," "1950 Buick Custom 1," and "Balloon Aircraft 14" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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