For the Dogs

I know.  I'm hanging my head in shame.  But I did spend all day Saturday moving, hauling, unpacking, arranging, etc. so that we were all set up for Monday (we did have a few minor network issues)...And then I spent Sunday comatose on my couch.

"Happy Halloweenie" - McKinney, Texas

Enough excuses, let's talk dogs!
"And the Weenier Is" - McKinney, Texas
There were a lot of dogs and dog things at Oktoberfest, which I loved.  I wish Pepper didn't get SO excited when she saw other dogs so I could bring her to things like Oktoberfest.  Right now she starts barking and jumping around like a loon.  Her hackles are down and her ears are up, so it's all excitement, but because she is so big and has such a big bark it's alarming for some people and dogs.  We are working on her greetings, but we have a long way to go still.

I briefly told you about the Weenie Dog Races, but I didn't go into much detail.  So, there were three rows of hay bales set up to create two tracks for dogs to run down.  Any dog was allowed to enter, well, they probably had a height limit, but you just walked up to the registration booth and said you wanted to race your dog.  I think there was a small fee that went to a charity.  When there were two racers then there would be a race.  One owner would stand at one end and release the dog on command and another owner would stand at the other end and call the dog.  More often that I expected, because it was not a long track, the dogs would either not go or would get distracted halfway down and stop.  One dog went about three feet, stopped to smell some hay, and then ran back to the starting line.
"Not Just For The Dogs" - McKinney, Texas
When the dogs weren't racing the kids would race each other.  I thought I was being funny and asked one of the volunteers if they didn't want to race the dogs against the kids.  I got a very stern retort that they only had dog treats.  There was a little girl that raced against a dog not long after my uncomfortable interaction, so I felt vindicated, but really I was just trying to add some levity.

My friend Carie, daughter of my friends that own the Canine Cookie Company, and her husband were there helping out.  Though I had heard a lot about him, this was the first time I was actually meeting her husband.  Carie told me that he was wandering around the Square and I should look for a tall Asian man with a dog in a carrying bag strapped to his chest.  Seriously!
"Durse 1" - McKinney, Texas
I have dubbed it the "durse."  Like a murse, but since this one is for a dog it's a durse.  Yep, came up with that one all on my own.  Pretty proud of myself for changing that one letter.  I'm clever I tell ya.
"Durse 2" - McKinney, Texas
There was a young couple selling these home made dog toys next to the Canine Cookie Company, their version of the rope toy.  The "Dog Logs" are made from a soft fleece and sturdy paracord. There is some variation to the make up depending on if your dog is a tugger, a chewer, or both (Pepper is both).  Their company is called Dog Log Toys.  While the Log was pricey, I generally don't buy Pepper expensive toys because she likes to disembowel them, Pepper has had hers for over a week and has yet to undo any of the knots or pull any of it apart.  Pepper is really enjoying it.  She runs around the house with it in her mouth, tosses it in the air, and bats it around like a cat.  I think there may be a little something screwy with my dog. :)
"Tug o' Weenie" - McKinney, Texas

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