3 Day!

The weekend of November 1st was the DFW Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.  This is the first in many years that I was not even able to go and cheer on those wonderful walkers and crew.  Sadly, for me, Janice is moving and I was throwing her a big going away party that weekend.

"3 Day Prince" - Dallas, Texas
I actually participated in the walk for 5 years!  Yep, lots of walking, a bit of whining, sleeping in tents, and more fun than you can imagine!

"3 Day Dog" - Dallas, Texas
I didn't walk last year, but I did dress up my dog and visit the Saturday lunch spot.  There are several people with 3 Day memories and photos of Pepper all dressed up.  Luckily Pepper likes getting dressed up because everyone tells her how pretty she is, plus we only really dress up for Halloween and when it snows (she gets a t-shirt and booties if the roads have been salted).
***I just wanted to make a small clarification: Pepper is not wearing a muzzle, it's a head collar.  Labs are eager dogs and they pull a lot on leashes which can damage their throats.  The head collar gives me a way to control Pepper on a leash without the threat of damaging her throat.  It does make her look a bit ferocious though, doesn't it?***
"3 Day Grandma" - Dallas, Texas
The crew always dresses up in fantastic outfits.  It is a sea of big burly men in pink with big, fake boobs!  This gentleman was dressed as a granny with the grey wig, big pearls, pink dress, and, of course, a giant pair of boobs and hips.  I love the five o'clock shadow with the pearls!  The ladies get into the spirit too!
"3 Day Fairies" - Dallas, Texas

Hats off to the walkers and crew for this year!  I'm sad I missed out!  And a big shout out to all of the amazing vets out there on this Veterans Day!  Thank you for your service!

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