Birthday/Thanksgiving Turkeys

I wanted to do a quick little post about the cookie and candy turkeys that I made for The Bro last year.

I got the idea from some other clever women on Pinterest.  Unfortunately I didn't pin the post because it was so memorable so I can't credit anyone, but there are a million adorable versions of this floating around the internet.

I'll just give you a quick breakdown of what I did, since there are a million versions out there.  Just fyi: the flavors in mine are ALL over the show because I was focused a bit more on aesthetic that flavor.  The base cookie is a ginger snap, mainly you want a simple looking cookie that is big enough to hold everything.  The body is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and a somoas cookie.  I stuck them together and to the ginger snap using bits of Laughy Taffy.  I would have used melted chocolate if I had been able to find candy corns for the tail feathers, but I couldn't and the Laughy Taffy was there so why not use it, right?  Anyway, the head is a Whoppers, also stuck on with Laughy Taffy.  The tail feathers, beak, and wobbly bit are all made out guessed it! Laughy Taffy!.  I cut a small triangle and molded the beak, adding a strip of the pink for the turkey's wobble (technically called a snood, but wobble is much more fun).  The tail is just larger triangles of Laughy Taffy.  They were fun to make.  My fingers were SUPER sticky after, but I thought that they turned out well.  The flavors were a bit of a mess: ginger snaps with peanut butter cups and banana taffy?  That's not normal!

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