Bluebonnets and Fish

There is this blog that I like called It Just Gets Stranger.  It's written by a guy named Eli in Salt Lake City and it's full of funny stories, sometimes heartfelt ones, where Eli exaggerates to the point of absurdity and paints himself as the fool on a regular basis.  The result is a regular, and embarrassing, bout of out loud laughter in the middle of the work day.  If you check it out you need to make sure and read the comments people leave because they are sometimes as funny as the original story.  Anyway, the other day he wrote about the text messages he received from his mother while his parents were away on a trip in a post called Travel Texts from Cathie.  First it made me think of my mother's almost complete lack of electronic skill (I'll share those stories later), but it also reminded me of this conversation that I overheard, and wrote down, these two guys having while I was in college.  It was hilarious, at the time, because it was like the one guy was in the middle of two conversations at once: one with his friend and the other with the funny, little demons in his head.  I spent the weekend looking for the transcript to share to no avail!  I am SO bummed!  But I do have a video art project I did with some of my friends reading the transcript while I taped them through the slates in a video store shelf.  I'm hoping that I can find something to play the video on and then I'll have the transcript for you.  I REALLY hope it's as funny as I remember, otherwise I think I may have to resort to totally making something up...It's all in the name of art so it won't be a lie, right?  In the meantime I will leave you with the response one of my vegetarian friends gave when asked why, as a vegetarian, he still ate fish...

"Lupinus texensis 1" - Round Top, Texas
Fish are just vegetables that swim.

Yep, I've got some interesting friends.  And no, the picture has nothing to do with anything other than I like it, it's blue, I hadn't shared it before, and I like it.

*"Lupinus texensis 1" is for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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