Happy Birthday to The Bro!

Today is The Bro's birthday, so: Happy Birthday Bro!!!

"Birthday Turkeys 1"- McKinney, Texas
My brother and I both have birthdays that occasionally fall on holidays: mine around Easter and The Bro's around Thanksgiving.  Roaming holidays, honestly, that shouldn't be allowed!  Easter moves around all over March and April, but Thanksgiving is a bit more consistent and sticks with the last few weeks in November.
"Birthday Turkeys 2" - McKinney, Texas
When The Bro was about 6 his birthday fell on Thanksgiving and my mom, being the clever lady that she is, decided that it would be fun to make him a turkey shaped cake.  Each previous year mom made The Bro a cake that coordinated with the theme for his party.  I don't remember what the theme for his 6th birthday was, but whatever it was it was getting a turkey cake!  Mom spent hours baking, cutting, shaping, and icing this cake.  I remember thinking that the cake looked great, but The Bro took one look at it and burst into tears!  Years later, when The Bro's birthday fell on Thanksgiving again, I begged my mom to let me decorate the cake and I stenciled a turkey on it in sprinkles.  I thought it was hilarious, but again The Bro was less than impressed.  At least there weren't tears, but it did instill in me an evil need to give and make turkey things for The Bro each year.  Last year I made The Bro these cookie and candy turkeys, which he actually said was his favorite so far.  This year I got a SUPER tacky turkey card and to really rub it in I'm going to replace the turkey's face with The Bro's because I'm...well, because I'm a butt and it makes me laugh!  So Happy Birthday Bro I hope it was fantastic!

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