The Ongoing Saga of the Chair

I know it's already Wednesday and I'm just getting around to post #1 this week...Man, you would think that I had moved our office to a new country, but it's not even in a new county!  I'm just going to have to learn to be a big girl again and deal with getting home late.

Enough!  The saga of the chair continues...

"Chair During 1" - McKinney, Texas
I don't know about you, but I've read several blog posts where people talk about recovering a chair, stripping some piece of furniture, building a house, you know simple stuff.  They always make it sound so easy!
"Chair During 2" - McKinney, Texas
"See this beautiful (insert finished project: chair, dresser, built-in, shed, house, spaceship) that I built/redid in just a few hours this weekend.  It was so easy that I did it blindfolded, with one arm tied behind my back, balancing my great grandmother's fine china on my head."
"Chair During 3" - McKinney, Texas
My chair is certainly not turning out to be the simple project that I thought it would be.  A few weekends ago I was charged with dogsitting Sophie during the day on Saturday.  Wouldn't it be great to bring Pepper over to mom and dad's and I'll strip my chair.  No problem!  BIG problem, in between the dogs' master escapes from the house, the garage, and the screened in porch (Sophie knows how to open doors, clever little bugger), a visit from the adorable neighbor kids, and chasing down the dogs so that they didn't give the men building the neighbor's garage heart attacks by running at them full tilt barking their fool heads off, I figured out that the stripper that my mom had was completely ineffective on the 30-40 something years of stain and shellack on this chair.  I then proceeded to spend the next four, frequently interrupted hours, sanding the chair before I FINALLY saw raw wood.  I decided that I wasn't even going to try to sand in all of the grooves and details because I knew that I would completely ruin the chair.  I'm hoping that the difference in stain (I'm going to be using a dark stain) will end up looking interesting rather than like I just gave up on sanding before I got the thing completely stripped down.  Maybe I'll have a finished chair to share with you in a few weeks...maybe.

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