It's a Matlock Christmas

I know it's 2014 and New Year's has come and gone, but I need to back track for just a sec and tell you about our Christmas.

"Wreath 2013" - McKinney, Texas
Matlock Christmases are always good, but this year, true to form, it was good and fraught with mishaps making it hilarious!  Like a National Lampoon movie!  Seriously!  (That is a lot of exclamation points in a very short paragraph.)
"Ornament 3" - McKinney, Texas
Anyway, let's start with my parents' Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas, shall we?  Well, for some reason my mom thought that it sounded like a good idea for Sophie to be somewhere else during the party.  I don't know why, she is such a calm, little thing.  (If you have ever met Sophie then you probably just choked a bit, possibly spewed something on your computer or phone.  I'm sorry, but I cannot be held liable for fried computers, broken phones, or other damages stemming from your hysteric and knee-jerk reaction to the statement, "she (Sophie) is such a calm, little thing.")  So the brown cannonball came to my house.  She and Pepper did well.  They always get along, but there is a bit of sibling rivalry as they each have to be the one receiving the most attention, closest to you, and Sophie is CONSTANTLY trying to egg Pepper on by teasing her with various toys.  Anyway, I left the dogs at my house and went to the party, which was fun and there was great food.
"Christmas Dog 1" - McKinney, Texas
You would have thought that these dogs had been locked up for a week the way that they carried on when I got home.  They were bouncing and squeaking and carrying on.  I managed to get the dogs on leashes, out the front door, and down the steps to return Sophie to my mom before the dogs decided to try and use me like a wishbone.  Each dog went around me and in opposite directions which spun me around and ended with me on my back in the middle of the sidewalk, a giant goose egg on the back of my head, and one of my shoes in the middle of the street!  If there had been a video it would have been one of those cartoon style falls where both feet come out from under you, apparently with such force that I kicked off one of my shoes.  Luckily there was no permanent damage, other than a bump on the head and a slight headache.
"Christmas Dog 2" - McKinney, Texas
Speed forward to Christmas Eve:  The family had decided to go to a movie, which resulted in a rather late dinner.  The bro was the chef that night, which meant that our mother, who is patently incapable of sitting still for more than 5 minutes, was running around trying to find something to do.  Mom loves any excuse to light a fire and it was chilly that night, so, fire.  A few minutes after lighting the fire the whole living room and kitchen filled up with smoke and all of the smoke alarms started going off.  The dogs (because, of course, I brought Pepper with me) were running around squeaking and barking, trying to figure out how to get the noise to stop, mom is frantic, dad is in the kitchen making snide comments on my mom's fire starting skills, I've got my head stuck out the door breathing in fresh air, and the bro is just cooking away and laughing at our dad.  (Quick aside, my mom is fabulous at laying a fire.  She is such a fiend for fires that her fireplace is laid out and all ready to go pretty much all year round.  Yep, even in the middle of one of Texas' notorious million degree summers.)
"Ornament 4" - McKinney, Texas
Mom rushed over to check that the flue was open, difficult to do with a lit fire.  The flue was open, but not all the way so mom opened it all the way and we opened windows and doors to let the smoke out.  Once the rooms had cleared and we were sitting down to dinner, we closed the windows and doors, and everything instantly filled up with smoke again!  So Christmas Eve was a two alarm event at the Matlock house!
"Ornament 5" - McKinney, Texas
Christmas morning at my house started off with an alarm of another sort...No, not the kind that you can yank the plug on and throw at the wall, but the kind attached to your neighbor's car.  I share a driveway with my neighbors, which also happens to run right along side my master bedroom.  After our eventful and late Christmas Eve night, starting Christmas morning off with a car alarm was not jolly!  The alarm was, of course, accompanied by a million voices from my neighbors and their visiting family trying to get the alarm turned off and sorting out who was riding in what car to get wherever they were going.  I assumed that screaming out my window like a lunatic for them to be quiet was not in the Christmas spirit, especially since there were grandchildren involved and they are overall good neighbors, so I managed to contain myself.  No sooner had I gotten back to sleep, but then my friend Carrie called.  Carrie is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, but she has figured out, and thinks it's funny, to make my phone beep and buzz for ages!  She can leave a voicemail, mark it urgent (that's an extra buzz), send me a page, and a text message, or five, all within a few minutes, so my phone is literally beeping and buzzing for about 5 minutes!  And it all starts out with Carrie's special ringtone which is my phone screaming, "why won't you answer me!" over and over again.  The ringtone is funny, except on less than 5 hours of sleep (and when you're in an important meeting) when it is NOT FUNNY AT ALL.  I just got back to sleep again when my alarm clock goes off!  So, if Christmas Eve was a two alarm event, I guess my Christmas morning was a three alarm event (which I'm hoping not to repeat again anytime soon).  The rest of the day was great: filled with lots of family time, the appropriate number of fire/car alarms (zero), and fantastic food!
"Garland 2013" - McKinney, Texas
I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that 2014 is off to a fantastic start!  And I apologize for the not so stellar lighting in my wreath and garland photos, I just wanted to share this year's fun wreath and garland with you.

*"Ornament 3," "Ornament 4," and "Ornament 5" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.

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