Seniorhood and Funny Cat Videos

This weekend and last weekend have just confirmed that I have indeed turned into an 80 year old.
Stalker cat
Last weekend I spent Sunday dance cleaning the house.  Well, not the house, mainly just my home studio and it was less cleaning and more trying to dig myself out of the mid level hoarder pile that my studio had turned into.
Slinky cat
With family and friends coming for the holidays my studio became my junk room.  If it didn't currently have a home, it got tossed in among the 18 million projects that I have strewn about my studio. 
Pizza thief
I hate the idea of people throwing things out that can be reused, so I am a bit of a dumpster diver who doesn't actually dive into dumpsters.  Among my many unfinished projects I have the rim of a bike wheel, an old wooden birdcage, a letter press drawer, enough beads and such to choke a rhino, yarn for at least 20 scarves, and oh such much more, plus all of my art supplies!  It's a bit ridiculous.
I want to play basketball
All of the above and my scary slide into hoarding aside, what really confirmed my decent into seniorhood is what I was wearing...a house coat.
Cat making the dryer run
Yep, you read that right.  I am a 35 year old with a house coat!  To defend it a little, it's like an ankle length hooded sweatshirt and not like a totally old lady, flower house coat...But it is still a house coat which is more than a little mortifying, so comfortable, but mortifying!
Snow cat
And this weekend just sealed the deal.
Cat answering service
I watched not one, but two hours of funny cat videos on Animal Planet!  Seriously!  It was like those shows with clips of stupid things that people do, but it was all funny cat videos.
Talk back cat
Don't get me wrong, I love a good cat video as much as the next guy, but two hours!  I am going to plead a bit sick (crazy weather is at it again and my allergies are horrible), but I was not so sick that I couldn't change the channel!
I can fit
I think I need an intervention.
I kill you computer
And I'm spreading my seniorness onto you by sharing some of my favorite cat videos.  I did not shoot or have anything to do with the making of any of these videos, I just think they are hilarious!  They can all be found on YouTube.  Which is your favorite?

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