Technical Difficulties

I had 2 great blog posts planned for this week, but last week's Dogs Are Hilarious made me realize that I am having a REAL problem with my laptop.

From my last post
Pepper looks like a black blob!  That's not at all what I see on my laptop when I'm in my editing program.  (I try not to do much manipulating to my photos, but, especially on inside, low light photos, I do sometimes have to do some adjusting.)  Oh my laptop I see a defined face and everything is brighter.  I knew that the colors had been a little off lately since I changed laptops and upgraded my editing program, but it wasn't this blatant.
I changed the brightness on my laptop so that the outputs would be similar, but it's still off and I'm now having some difficulty reading things.  The picture above is better, but it's still not what shows up on my laptop.  Plus I had to save the picture and move it from computer to computer multiple times to even get this close!  I'm going to have to spend the weekend trying to figure out how to fix things and there will be fun posts next week, promise.  Plus I'll go back and fix the past few weeks worth of photos so that they actually show up the way that they are supposed to.

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