Chaos, Chaos, and more Chaos

This post should also be known as "My Friend Janice Tried to Kill Me This Weekend."

"Chaos 1" - McKinney, Texas
I have been living in total chaos for the past week and a half because my landlord decided that my house needed painting...It did, it's been about 5 years, but I am about to loose my mind!!!

"Chaos 2" - McKinney, Texas
Oh yea, I have a book shelf full of my flours, sugars, and such above a book shelf of books (kooky, right), next to a shelf of garden supplies, next to a shelf of pet paraphernalia.  My toaster and mixer are sitting on my china cabinet and I can't even get into my office because it's full of things from all different areas of the house!
"Chaos 3" - McKinney, Texas
So I went to spend the weekend with my friend Janice in her beautiful new lake house...
"Janice's Chaos 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
And spent the weekend in more chaos!
"Janice's Chaos 2" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
We moved a garage full of boxes from the garage to the house, so now the house is full of boxes.
"Janice's Chaos 3" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
We got help from a sweet local kid named Gavin and were WAY to excited when we where actually able to see out the garage door from inside.
"Janice's Chaos 4" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
We were supposed to have more help, but the other kids didn't show up, so that meant that Janice and I didn't get to do the organizing and unpacking we had hoped and instead got to help with the manual labor, but that also meant guilt free burgers for dinner.  Janice has moved to a small town where people look out for their neighbors and we had a few guys stop by and help for short periods of time which was great.  Gavin was the big hero of the day though.  That kid worked all day and never complained!
"Janice's Chaos 5" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Welcome to Box Town, Texas, USA.

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