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Technology is sometimes a real pain in the butt!!!  I downloaded the Blogger app thinking that I was so clever.  I had ideas of edit and add things while on the go, but apparently last night my app decided to eat this post and replace it with the draft that I has been working on on my phone on Tuesday!  So, once again, here is my Farm Dogs post, well, my best recreation anyway:

Hey everybody.  Please bear with me and my sporadic posting.  I'm still trying to get back on a set schedule, but both my work and personal lives are crazy right now, so I'm a little all over the show.

"Farm Dog 1" - McKinney, Texas
Last week told you a bit about my friend Annie and that she would hopefully be doing a guest post soon.  Well it looks like there is going to be a bit of a delay on Annie's post due to vegetables, cleaning out a house, touring school kids, and guard chickens.
"Farm Dog 2" - McKinney, Texas
Annie has started a new adventure on an organic farm.  She is trading room and board for helping around the farm, including collecting the eggs from the "brooding hens," as she calls the chickens.  Apparently the chickens always seem to be sitting on their eggs at collection time and are not too keen on being manhandled.  Go figure!  Annie has been getting help from one of the farm hands, but soon our little chicken (Annie) is going to have to face the hens alone.  Dum dum dum (ominous music, in case you couldn't guess).  Annie was thinking about getting some leather gloves to protect her hands from the guard chicken pecks, but is now thinking that she will get "a boxing glove and if Mama Hen don't want to cooperate, (Annie will) just give her a sucker punch, grab her eggs and run."
"Farm Dog 3" - McKinney, Texas
Hopefully we will get to hear all about Annie's adventures on the farm soon, but in the meantime I hope that you enjoyed the lasted photos of the Matlock Farm Dogs.  Sadly my dog Pepper didn't get to go with me to the 'rents' house this last time.  Jack, aka Farm Dog 2, has just gotten over pneumonia and has managed to tweak something in his back.  The vet has called for 6 weeks of bed rest!!!  My parents are  doing their best, but bed rest with a puppy means that you try to keep him from jumping, running, wrestling, and all of those other things that puppies do ALL the time!  Since Jack is generally the wrestling match instigator, it is all proving a challenge.  So adding another dog to the mix, i.e. Pepper, was the last thing anyone, aside from Pepper who was incredibly disappointed at not getting to visit, wants.  Always an adventure!  Gotta love puppies!

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