Janice's Objection

My friend Janice is so funny.  Last week I wrote a post about how she tried to kill me and her only objection was that I said she had a lake house, but didn't include photographs of her view...not the implication that she has murderous tendencies!

"Janice's Lake View 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
So here are some images of Janice's lake view.
"Janice's Lake View 2" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Plus some images of the landscaping my dog decided to do while we were visiting.
"Pepper Landscaping 1" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
Pepper is not a digger.  Tessa is a digger, but Pepper never has been...until that weekend!  Then she dug, not one, but two holes in Janice's yard!  Doesn't she look so proud of herself?
"Pepper Landscaping 2" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
I think it was a combination of the sandy loam an Janice's, as opposed to the soil at my house which has more clay in it, and the fact that she wasn't keen on being locked in the back while we were moving things in the front yard and inside the house.
"Pepper Landscaping 3" - Hilltop Lakes, Texas
I have no idea where Pepper thought she was going to go with that first hole because she was just digging under the deck, but with the second hole she and Tessa both escaped the backyard, came around the front, walked through the front door, heard us talking in the garage, walked through the house to find us, and could not have been more pleased with themselves!  Luckily Janice thought the whole thing was funny, suggested that we take pictures of the dogs showing off Pepper's handy work, and laughed the whole photo session.

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