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I'm sorry, I know that the title is SUPER cheesy, but I couldn't resist.

Elizabeth with Progressive was gracious enough to provide the following post and some of the images so that we all know a little bit more about recycling.
"Recycling Center Grand Opening 1" - McKinney, Texas
"Currently Progressive Waste Solutions’ North Texas MRF is processing about 3000 tons of recyclables per month by servicing McKinney, Frisco, Princeton, Prosper, Melissa and Murphy. This facility was built in 2009 as a result of a 13 year partnership with the City of McKinney. This is the FIRST privately funded single stream LEED certified MRF in the US and it achieved Gold LEED Certification. LEED elements include recycled content items such as pressed cardboard walls, reclaimed wood cabinets, recycled content & carpet; energy efficient equipment, building materials purchased within a 500 mile radius of the facility and 82% of the construction project waste being recycled. The second story of the facility is a community room with the ability to host field trips, community groups and residents for recycle education and tours.
"Recycling Center 10" - McKinney, Texas
Recycling process of MRF:
Our trucks come to the facility when they are full and dump the collected recyclables on the tipping floor. The majority of the material is single stream, meaning all recyclable materials are mixed and need processing.

Materials are first transported to the Pre-sort area to take contaminants out of stream; this is material that is not recyclable.

1st  screen takes cardboard and sends down conveyor belt to cardboard holding bunker

2nd screen separates the lighter paper up onto a conveyor belt with blowers and separates the glass, plastics and metals to the lower conveyor belt.

3rd screen separates, collects and vacuums contaminants out of the glass.

The 4th screen is for clear plastic. An optical sorter scans the plastic and reads each bottle as a bar code, sending clear PET plastic to a bunker. Remaining plastics are sorted by hand (we accept #’s 1-5 & 7) these are sent to holding bunkers with natural plastic and colored plastic.

Steel and tin are drawn by magnet and contained and finally an eddy currant pulls the aluminum to a holding bunker.

When the bunkers of each material become full the bunker will be emptied onto a conveyor belt to be baled.
"Recycling Center 11" - McKinney, Texas
In numbers:
• 158,140 pounds of aluminum annually recycled

This equals:
• Enough energy to run a TV for 15,814 hours
• Saving 10,543 gallons of gasoline
• 8,752,860 pounds of paper annually recycled

This saved:
• 74,399 trees
• 1,663,043 gallons of oil
• 13,129 cubic yards of landfill space
• 17,505,720 kilowatts of energy
• 30,635,010 gallons of water
• 849,200 pounds of plastic annually recycled
• The equivalent of 849 people’s energy use for one year
• 849,200 pounds of oil"
"Recycling Center Grand Opening 2" - McKinney, Texas
Thanks Elizabeth!

*"Recycle Center 10" and "Recycle Center 11" are for sale.  Please visit Diggin' It or contact me for information on how to purchase a print.  "Recycling Center Grand Opening 1" and "Recycling Center Grand Opening 2" are the property of Progressive and all inquiries should be directed to them regarding the use and publication of these images.  

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