Special Olympics

This past weekend I got to go and see some of the track events at the Greater Dallas Spring Special Olympics and it was fantastic!

"Special Olympics 1" - Lovejoy, Texas
One of my friends has a niece that competed and it was fun seeing her race.  The people, especially the competitors, were amazing with each other!
"Special Olympics 2" - Lovejoy, Texas
Almost everyone cheered for everyone else.  The kids congratulated each other and the families, while they did cheer on their own kids, didn't yell things like, "Beat that girl," or "Run faster."  It was, "Go (insert kid's name here)," and "You're doing great!"
"Special Olympics 3" - Lovejoy, Texas
The awards were given out rather quickly after each race which I thought was great.  The kids got to walk around with their awards and there was constantly a group of people around the award stand.
"Special Olympics 4" - Lovejoy, Texas
After one ceremony, one competitor told a girl she had raced against that it was so nice to meet her, and the first girl really meant it.  I almost lost it!  That is what sports are supposed to be about!
"Special Olympics 5" - Lovejoy, Texas
These kids were too funny.  The girl in the blue drank her gatorade pretty much the whole time she was on the stand, even when they where putting the ribbon around her neck.  Another kid came up and grabbed the sides of my camera so that it was focused on his mouth and yelled "Cheese."  I'm sad that he was standing too close to the lens for my camera to focus on him because a giant picture of his mouth would have been hilarious!  Then he tried to lick my lens and he was REALLY too close for the camera to focus!
"Special Olympics 6" - Lovejoy, Texas
It was a really uplifting way to spend part of Saturday!  And I didn't cry, guys!  I mean, all sporting events need a big blubbering idiot who is just so excited by how happy and enthusiastic all of the competitors are that it all comes out in a mess of tears and snot and running makeup, right?  This time it wasn't me!!!

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