Please Remember

With all of the pleasure that comes from a paid holiday, the sales EVERYWHERE, the beginning of summer, the excuse for a BBQ, all of the events this extended weekend, please remember...

"Future Heroes" - McKinney, Texas
Please remember that Memorial Day is about honoring the brave men and women who have stood up and pledged to do whatever is in the best interest of their country, including making the ultimate sacrifice.  They fight for and protect our freedoms and those of others.  You may not agree with the war that they fight/fought, but let's please remember to value the fact that these amazing individuals are willing to put their country's interest, your interest, and my interest, above their own.  It takes a special person to put their life on the line for hundreds of millions of strangers they will probably never meet, could you do it?

*"Future Heroes" is for sale through Diggin' It, me, and now various images can be purchased through Fine Art America.

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